WRITERS: Benjamin Bailey & Joey Esposito
ARTIST: Boy “Boykoesh” Akkerman
COLORS: Ed Ryzowski
LETTERS: Adam O. Pruett

Picking up from last issue, reporter Ricki Ratcliffe is talking to Mitch Mackey, the Editor-in-Chief ofthe local newspaper. Sheclaims to have “the scoop of the century,” the original of Captain Ultimate, where he came from, and how he got his powers. This is going to be a short review because I can’t say much without spoiling it, and I want you (yes, YOU) to read the story for yourself. I’ll just say that Cap’s real name is Nick Mason and he used to be…what for it…a PRO WRESTLER! Specifically he played a bad guy, he would win and be champion, but the crowds booed him. Nick was nearing the end of his career, and was pleading with his promoter to let him have one run as a babyface (that’s a good guy, in wrestling terms) before he retired, but the promoter didn’t want to do that, because he was making too much money with Nick as a bad guy. Well, Nick finally got the chance to be a real champion of the people when he is given (through circumstances which I will not reveal…seriously, get this book and read it yourself) the Ultimate Belt which, as we learn, is the actual source of his powers. We then see how, as Captain Ultimate, he started performing good deeds, becoming a hero of his city, then the nation, and then the world.

For some reason, Mackey isn’t impressed with Ratcliffe’s story, saying that he doesn’t find this newsworthy, that what he really wants to know is not where Captain Ultimate came from, but where he disappeared to all those years ago, and why is he back? So he kicks her out and, frustrated an angry, Ratcliffe goes to find someone who will want to hear her story. TO BE CONTINUED

It was an interesting and inventive origin, with clear potential for future conflict. There was no Milo in this issue, which was a bit of let-down, as we were told last issue that Captain Ultimate is going to be training him to be his sidekick, so I’d like to see that get started. But I still enjoyed what we got here. Baily and Esposito continue to keep this all-ages story light and fun, and Boykoesh’s art is as good as ever.


Available on COMIXOLOGY

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