Dream Comic-Book Crossover: SUPERMAN AND THOR‏


Superman and Thor have meet before, in the incredible JLA/AVENGERS miniseries, by Kurt Busiek and George Perez. In that book, the first meeting between the two teams does not go so well.

And Superman and Thor have a one-on-one fight, that ends with Superman standing victorious over Thor’s unconscious body. Which Thor’s fellow Avengers don’t appreciate.

I’ll tell ya who else didn’t appreciate it: hardcore Thor fans. I’ve seen Kurt Busiek get flamed on various message boards like Comicbookresources, by fans angry with how that fight turned out. Marvel editor Tom Breevort has likewise been attacked. If you ever wonder where the stereotypical “nerd” image of comic-book fans come from, just read some of their reactions.

I’ve taken it up with Busiek myself once, on a message board, saying not that I disagree with the outcome of the fight, I think Superman’s speed would be a huge advantage as, theoretically, Thor should barely be able to even touch him, just with the way the fight was written. For example, I don’t think Superman should have so easily survived a full hit directly in the face by Thor’s hammer, nor be able to stop it with one hand. I think the fight was also hurt a bit by Superman’s trash-talking during the fight, where he belittled Thor. Busiek explained that both Superman and Captain America acted out of character in this miniseries, because being in different universes than their own was messing with their minds, or something, but it didn’t seem that clear to me in the actual comic. It just came off as if Superman was saying that beating Thor was easy, which understandably pissed off Thor fans. Sure, at the end, Superman says Thor is the toughest opponent he ever fought, but it sure doesn’t look like it was.

Another, somewhat unavoidable, problem is that the fight was too short. In a book like that, with so many characters (and, apparently, a corporate mandate was to have the series include an appearance of every single hero who had ever been a member of the JLA or Avengers by the time the miniseries was published), there just wasn’t enough time to properly devote to each character, so some scenes were cut shot. I mean, a no holds barred fight between Superman and Thor should take up an entire issue, not a couple of pages.

Well, what’s done is done. And while it seems unlikely that there will be any more crossovers between Marvel and DC in the foreseeable future, I think a Superman/Thor team-up would be pretty profitable for both companies right now, particularly with the higher profile of each character thanks to the recent movies. For the record, I would avoid any type of rematch of their fight from JLA/Avengers. This is Superman AND Thor, not Superman VS. Thor. Besides, as I’ve mentioned in previous entries in this category, I think the cliche of the heroes meeting and fighting each other due to a misunderstanding and then teaming up to fight a common enemy is played out, and I’d prefer to avoid it.

I’m thinking, story wise, let’s say Darkseid invades and conquers Asgard (possibly with Loki helping him), with only Thor escaping and enlisting Superman to help him take it back.

For the creative team, I’d want Dan Jurgens to write it, as he has had extensive experience writing both characters (his Thor run, especially during the last few years, is highly underrated), and I’d want John Romita Jr. to draw it. I loved Romita JR.’s work on Thor, and would love to see him tackle not only Superman, but Darkseid and the New Gods. And I’m envisioning scenes that mix the two characters’ mythologies, like Thor vs. a pack of Parademons and Superman vs. Frost Giants. It could be really epic, if done right.

Just my opinion.


  1. Didn’t know about this mini-series. However the outcome doesn’t surprise me given the last time Superman met a Marvel character, in this case The Hulk, he claimed that nothing on earth could move him as Hulk was pounding away at him. How ridiculous is that? Everyone knows the madder Hulk gets the stronger he gets, I mean dude during the Secret Wars mini-series held up an an entire mountain. I know Hulk and Thor fought various times in the comics though I don’t have any statistics on the outcomes of those fights. That is my only problem with Superman, they (the editor and/or writers) tend to make him this impossible person to beat. That what makes him kinda boring when they run with storylines like that. What’s going to happen if and when he meets the Blue Marvel who is reportedly the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe? I’ll bet he’ll win that one too. Sigh…


    • First, with all due respect, if you think Marvel Comics will ever portray a BLACK superhero as “the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe”, then you are nuts. That ain’t happening. Second, creator Kevin Grevioux specifically said when he created Blue Marvel, that he wasn’t meant to be more powerful than Thor. Here’s his quote:

      “My personal opinion is that NO Marvel character should be stronger than Thor. The Hulk should be able to equal him if he gets mad enough, but that’s about it. And as a god, Thor SHOULD be stronger that ANY mortal. Even a SUPER-mortal. If Thor’s not stronger, what’s the point of him being immortal? He’s just a strong loudmouth with a hammer who gets he’s butt whupped.

      So, what I’m trying to do with Adam is have him sit down at the table with the likes of Thor, Hulk, Sentry, Wonder Man, Hercules, Superman, Captain Marvel, J’onn J’onzz, Mon’El, Supreme, Mr. Majestic, Hyperion, etc., but he is NOT all-powerful”

      So it looks like Mr. Grevioux also thinks Thor could beat Superman. Anyway, regarding the Hulk, yes, that scene in the Spider-Man/Superman crossover where Superman just stands there while the Hulk punches him was stupid. Their fight in DC vs. Marvel, albeit still too short (4 pages), was a little better (Superman still won). But I would recommend THE INCREDIBLE HULK VS. SUPERMAN by Roger Stern for the best team-up of those two:


  2. I know very little of the Blue Marvel and only came across his name when on black Superhero fan it was asked to make your own Black Avengers team. I noticed everybody had this dude who I never heard of on there squad. The backed up their choice saying he was this all powerful being (I might be paraphrasing) but that is the impression I got about him. I did read his bio on marvel and yes it says he is on par but not stronger than Thor.
    I’ll check out that crossover you mentioned.


    • I got the Blue Marvel miniseries but wasn’t very impressed with it. Weak story, and bland artwork. Nevertheless, many Black comic-book fans, the ones who still think Marvel and DC give a damn about them, were happy to see an alpha-level Black superhero in the Marvel universe, and have been desperate for his return. Now Marvel is bringing him back in a new Avengers team, with several other Black characters, and this is supposed to be big news, to show how “diverse” Marvel is, but I’ve been down this road before, and am not buying it.


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