MISTRESSES episode 11: “Full Disclosure”

This episode opens with Karen’s lawyer, Natalie Wade (who, remember, was hired by SAM, which is strangely never brought up in this episode) coaching Karen for her upcoming deposition in the wrongful death lawsuit that Tom’s widow, Elizabeth, has filed against her. Natalie keeps suggesting that Karen keep her mouth shut whenever possible, and to lie whenever she has to, especially in regards to her alibi on the night of Tom’s death. Karen reveals Sam is going to be her alibi. So throughout the episode, which covers at least 2 or three days, we get scenes of the deposition taking place at the firm that Savi and Dom work at, and Dom is acting as Elizabeth’s lawyer. One of the witnesses Dom calls is the insurance investigator Anthony Newsom (a returning Gary Dourdan, whom I wish we’d see more of on this show), and he talks about how Karen initially told him that Tom was not suicidal, but then when she finally turned over her notes to him, they said that he was. In cross-examination, Natalie brings up the fact that Karen rejected Anthony’s advances once and asks if his testimony is just motivated by hurt feelings, but he denies that and Karen objects to that line of questioning.

Then Elizabeth tells her side of the story, how Tom was never suicidal, and that Tom confessed to her about his affair with Karen, and that was out of the house the night he died, and suspects that Karen did it. And her alibi is…her son Sam! Karen is shocked, as Sam comes in and testifies that his father was in good spirits the night he died, that it was Tom who suggested that Sam take his mother out for dinner that night, and that when they got back Tom was dead. Afterward, Karen confronts Sam alone, he says that his mother begged him to be her alibi and he couldn’t turn her down, and then he gets in Karen’s face for not returning any of his calls after they had sex (which was really dumb!), which would sound somewhat logical if it weren’t for the fact that Sam has been a creepy stalker up til now.

Natalie tries to convince Karen to ask her partner Jacob to lie for her and be her alibi, saying that Jacob will probably do it because “he’s in love with her,” (now how the heck did she reach that conclusion?!?), and when Jacob comes in to give testimony the next day, he’s about to go along with the lie, but Karen stops him and then confesses everything. She admits to falling in love with and having an affair with Tom, prescribing him enough morphine to kill himself, and agreeing to help him do it when he was ready, but that the call never came and she doesn’t know the exact circumstances of Tom’s death, but nevertheless now her conscious is clear. And then she looks Elizabeth dead in the eye and says “Can you say the same?” And then walks out of the room. LIKE A BOSS!

This whole story was awesome. Yunjin Kim got the spotlight in this episode, and ran with it. Mega-kudos! Of course, I can’t see how this is going to be good for her character now. Even if Elizabeth drops the suit, Karen’s admitted under oath to sleeping with a patient and illegally prescribing him morphine, and her partner Jacob heard the whole thing. So her future isn’t looking so bright…

Joss meets with Harry, trying to convince him to fight for his marriage to Savi. Harry says there’s nothing to fight for, he assumes that Savi must have gotten the paternity test results by now, and since she hasn’t told him anything, and he caught Savi with Dom, it must not be his. Joss, rather stupidly, tells Harry that Savi got the results and hasn’t looked at them, and instead gave the envelope to Joss to keep. Harry, quite understandably, is baffled by this news, and demands to know the truth, but Joss won’t budge and instead just advises Harry to go to the genetics place that Savi went to, and try to get them to tell him the results. Harry does try that, but the secretary at the place won’t tell him. Poor guy, he really has a right to know. It’s pretty crappy of Savi and Joss to just keep this from him. That still doesn’t make any sense to me, either (other than the fact that I know the show wants to drag out the story for as long as possible).

Meanwhile, Joss is planning a “couples party” with Alex. They have a brief conversation about Joss’ attraction to men, with Alex saying that she can understand how Joss can’t just turn those feelings off. Joss swears that won’t be a problem, and compares it to someone who just became a vegetarian, but still craves “meat” once and a while. But back at work, Oliver continues being subtly flirty towards Joss. And one night he checks in on her after she finished showing a house to that kinky couple from the last episode, where the flirting intensifies and they go into the house and have wild sex. How wild? Well, when Joss goes back to her place and Alex notices a bite mark on Joss’ side (how convenient), deducing that Joss had sex with a man, and the next morning gets Joss to admit that it was Olivier. Alex is hurt and angry, but Joss tries to act like it was no big deal and doesn’t understand why Alex is so mad. It’s interesting to note that this action now officially makes Joss a cheater, like Savi and Karen, so those three women sort of fit the “Mistresses” label now.

And then there’s April. She meets with Paul and he tells her that he is leaving for good again, thanks April for showing him the pictures of their daughter Lucy, and asks her to give Lucy a special locket with his and her pictures in it. Then, despite having broken up last episode, April and Richard take their daughters on a pre-planned trip to an amusement park, thinking they’ll just tell the girls that they broke up later. But the two girls have so much fun over the day, and Richard’s daughter even hugs April and says she’s better than her mom, and April and Richard realize that they still have feelings for each other and decide to get back together (which was sort of predictable, but enjoyable to watch nonetheless), which I’m glad to see because they are the best couple on this show. We also finally learn why Richard is a single father, his ex-wife left him for another man, moved away, and barely ever contacts their daughter. Sounds like a bitch. Then Richard shocks April by suggesting that she tell Lucy about Paul, whom he admits he still hates, but says it’s for Lucy’s sake. She deserves to know the truth, and if she finds out some other way, she may just resent April for keeping it from her. Eventually, April agrees and tells Richard she plans to tell Lucy everything. But then the next day, as April goes to pick Lucy up from school, Lucy is missing! THE END

Y’know, even though I said right from the first episode, that the only reason I gave this show a chance in the first place is because of Alyssa Milano, she is not shown very much in this episode, and yet it still held my interest. Early on in the episode, Dom sends Savi to meet with some clients in another city, just so she won’t have to be in the audience when Karen is there getting deposed. Savi returns near the end, where Joss confides in her about her problems with Alex and Olivier, and Savi admits to Joss that she always had some feelings for Dom, which is what lead to her hooking up with him in the first place, and thinks that maybe she should give him a chance and see where it goes (YES!!!). But that’s the extent of her involvement in this episode. But the other women in the cast all stepped up and kept the show going, thanks to the writers who gave them good material to work with. This was a good solid episode, that engaged the audience from start to finish, moving the storylines for each woman forward, and ending with one heck of a cliffhanger. I can’t wait until next week.

MISTRESSES airs Monday Nights @ 9pm on ABC

You can also watch episodes online via http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/mistresses


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