I recently mentioned TruBrain in my post AFTER EXCELEROL, and I said that I wasn’t planning to try it, as I’ve had no luck with so-called brain supplements in the past. But I was impressed with the fact that a couple of the people who are behind this product had contacted me, trying to convince me to try it and review it, even offering me free samples.

As I said, obviously these people read my reviews of Excelerol, in which I explained very clearly that it didn’t work for me, so they must be really confident in their product if they’re willing to risk me giving it a negative review. So that’s why I posted the link to their website, so other people could see it, but I still wasn’t planning to try it myself.

So why did I change my tune? I’m not sure why, other than I have been having my usual troubles with concentration and memory, and figured okay I’ll give this one shot, and that’s it. This stuff is expensive, a “one month” supply cost me $125 (the price goes down a bit if you subscribe for a 3-month supply, or 12-month supply, but it’s still a pretty penny). So keep that in mind, I turned down free samples because I want YOU to know that I’m an impartial reviewer, and spent my own hard-earned money on this stuff, so I have no reason to lie about it. If it works, as I certainly hope it does, I will say so. I got my box of TruBrain today, and plan to begin taking it tomorrow.

I put “one month” in quotes because the box only contains enough for 20 days, they advertise that as being for each “workday” of the month. But I often need better concentration on weekends too, which is my main time to write, so I’m planning to take this every day, until I run out. The box even says that the first ten days are the “loading phase”, this is supposed to be necessary to adapt my brain to this product, I guess, so it doesn’t seem like I should be skipping any days during that period. TruBrain comes in 2 sets of packs, 20 to be taken in the morning (it says “before breakfast”) and 20 to be taken in the afternoon (“halfway through the workday”). And each pack is labeled A.M. or P.M. The first 20 packs are specifically for the first 10 days, so I guess there’s a different combination of the various ingredients in these. I haven’t opened any yet, but it feels like the first packs have 6 pills inside them, while the P.M. packs for the 2nd half of the month have 4 pills inside them. There’s also 4 extra packs labeled “Turbo Boost”, which have one pill in each, recommended for “extended workdays”.

So, as I said, I’ll start taking these tomorrow. I’d like to try sticking with a regular schedule, taking the packs at around the same time every day, so the first pack will be taken 6-7am, depending on when I wake up, and then the 2nd pack at 1pm, right after lunch. I plan to cut out all caffeine during this period (no caffeine pills, Mountain Dew, or 5-hour energy drinks, I already don’t drink coffee), to ensure that any “energy” I feel would have to be from the TruBrain pills. And no vitamins. I’m thinking that at the end of day 10 (so that will be Sept. 21) I’ll post an update to see if what I think, keeping in mind that the box says “It is important that you remain patient during these first 10 days, as benefits will build throughout this phase.” We’ll see. And then I’ll post a final update on Oct. 1st, day 20, to tell you what I ultimately think of this product.

In the meantime, here are a few other reviews I’ve found online”


Nootropics Review Page

For the record, both of those reviewers received free samples, so take that for what it’s worth. But the person who started this thread on a message board appears to have bought a full month supply, and gives updates on how it works for him, at least for the first 12 days:

Trubrain Review


  1. I took trubrain for three months straight and had a great sense of awareness and certain type of positivity and optimism…. however i agree with the price being too high and had to pull out of my subscription… altho I’ve spoken to Chris and Jeff as well, really nice guys and they seem passionate about their product…. for the record do not mix trubrain with alcohol… boy was i drunk


  2. […] 5/TRYING TRUBRAIN September 11, 2013 2,042 views Similar to Excelerol, folks are looking for a “smart pill.” This did seem to work a little for me, and I’ve used it several times since then. So I cautiously recommend it. […]


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