I notice that my various posts about TruBrain continue to be highly viewed with new hits almost daily, as do my posts about Excelerol. So there’s clearly a lot of interest out there in these various brain drugs. Well, as I said in my first TruBrain Testemonial, the main drawback that kept me from giving this an unequivocal recommendation is the price and quantity. It is rather expensive for a 20-day supply, and we’re in a depressed economy, so I know folks have got bills to pay, and have to watch their budgets. So that is a risk.

However, I went online to the TruBrain website this morning to order another case for myself, and I noticed that they now have another option. A one month “Gold subscription” for just $75. For that you’ll get a case of 20 packs of the “loading phase” blend, which I mentioned in my first post, that is what they recommend for people trying TruBrain for the first time, to get used to it. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Yes, it’s still expensive, and no you’re not getting the full twice a day blend, but if you’ve been curious all this time but just haven’t taken the plunge, I feel comfortable recommending this now (which is why I’m including this post in my Product Endorsements category). If you’re on the fence, get yourself a Gold Subscription pack, and try that. And then if after using it (along with at least some light-exercise and good sleep) you feel it has been beneficial to your memory and concentration, go ahead and order a full pack.

I’m J.R. LeMar and I approve this message.


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