Created by: Alyssa Milano
Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Artist: Marcus To
Publisher: Archaia Black Label

Previously: Hacktivist #3

Yes, I know I’m quite late on this issue. I actually thought I had reviewed this. But as I thinking about getting ready to watch and review Mistresses tonight, which stars Alyssa Milano, it made me think of this series which she created, so I looked it up and saw that I only reviewed 1-3.

I remember what happened. Something went wrong with the digital release, which is the only way I buy comics now. The day this issue was released in print, it wasn’t available on Comixology, unlike the 3 previous issues which were released in digital and print on the same day. It took over a week before it was finally was up on Comixology. And I had other stuff going on and fell behind in updating this blog in general. But I did post reviews of the first 3 issues, so I should review this last one, even if everyone who any interest in the series has undoubtedly already read it themselves by now.

Nevertheless, I won’t spoil too much. Ed is still in Tunisia, hiding out with Sirine. They argue over tactics and what to do next, with Sirine accusing Ed of using her country as little more than a science experiment. They eventually agree that the best course of action is one of freedom of information. They release the video of the Tunisian’s government’s killing of Walid Beya to the whole country, and then the entire world. This sparks a full-fledged revolution in Tunisia, with international support. Back in America, Agent Ori isn’t happy about this, and after tracking Ed’s location via his internet connection, she authorizes a drone strike to kill him. Sirine wants him to run, but Ed refuses, because he knows the drone will just follow him and he doesn’t want to risk anyone else getting killed. Instead he arranges for video cameras to be on him when the drone strikes, so the world can see it and he can become a martyr. But what about Nate, back in the state with Agent Ori? He’s not just going to sit back and let his former best friend and business partner get executed by his own government, is he? Could he have a surprise or two up his sleeve?

Pick up the book and find out!

I enjoyed this series, it had drama, intrigue, and a little bit of action, all wrapped up in a story that’s ultimate about friendship, while also raising important issues about politics, privacy, and war. This is a great concept that Alyssa Milano came up with. As I said back after issue #1, this doesn’t read like a celebrity vanity-project. Much credit goes to writers Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly for taking this idea and fleshing it out the way they have, writing characters that sounded like real people and keeping the story moving forward with surprising twists and turns. And artist Marcus To (who received some assists from David Cutler in this issue) has been consistently solid with his artwork in this series. All in all, a great creative team that worked well together. This issue, like the previous three issues, receives a grade of:

HACKTIVIST #4 is on Comixology, along with the rest of the series. If you haven’t read it yet, you really should.

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