Created by: Alyssa Milano
Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Artist: Marcus To
Publisher: Archaia Black Label

Previously: HACKTIVIST #2

We open in Tunisia, were Ed has escaped to. He’s gone there to join the revolution that he and Nate helped start (as we saw back in issue #1). He meets with a local woman named Sirine, who takes him to meet with the leader of the local rebels, a professor named Walid. Ed explains to them his secret software program, something he never even showed Nate, which can help them organize via the internet without any chance of being shut down or traced (or so he thinks). Using it they organize a meeting of locals to plan their next move. Meanwhile, back in America, Nate holds a press conference announcing that Yourlife has temporarily been shut down because of Ed’s data breach. Agent Ori proclaims Ed to be a domestic terrorist and America’s Most Wanted. Nate works with the C.I.A.’s analysts to track Ed and figures out that he’s hiding in Tunisia. So Agent Ori calls in the military to storm the meeting, authorizing lethal force…

Like previous issues, this is heavy on the “talking heads”, a lot of dialog about information and how it’s passed and inciting rebellions and such. Admittedly some of it goes over my head, but writers Lanzing and Kelly manage to put in just enough drama to keep it from feeling like I’m reading a textbook. The entire time we see Ed in Tunisia there’s the constant feeling of danger lurking just around the corner. They also avoid the cliche of having the partners split up and become sworn enemies, as there remains a feeling of ambiguity as to exactly what Nate’s intentions are, as he follows Agent Ori’s orders to track Ed. I find it all very engrossing, once again ably backed by the artwork of Marcus To who fits the tone of the story perfectly, and look forward to reading the conclusion.


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