It’s time to start updating this darn blog again. I figure I’d start with something easy to write about. Last month I decided I needed to start working out and stuff again, try to get back into shape. So, on impulse, I went ahead and ordered another box of TruBrain (this would be my fifth box, after my first two boxes last year, and then the 2 more boxes I got in January). I ordered them on the 9th, which was a Wednesday. As per their website, they only ship new orders on the 10th and 25th of each month. They ship out of L.A., and I live in L.A., so I would always get my orders the very next day. If I order on the 10th, I’d get it on the 11th, or if I ordered on the 25th, I’d get it on the 26th. Unless that next day was a weekend, then I’d get it the following Monday (because I always have it shipped to my job, instead of my house). They also say that you’ll get an email with the tracking number for your order once it has shipped, but I’ve never gotten that. But it didn’t bother me since I was getting my order the next day anyway. So in this case I was thinking, I placed the order on Wednesday, they’d ship it out to me on Thursday, and I’d receive it at my job on Friday, just in time to take it home and begin taking it on Saturday.

Well, my box didn’t arrive on Friday. I was disappointed, but I didn’t think too much about it. Sometimes the mail, even with short distances, takes a little longer than usual. So I assumed that I’d have to wait until Monday. Then Monday came along and when the mail arrived at work there was still no TruBrain for me. So I went ahead and sent an email to customer support at TruBrain, and a few minutes later I got an email that was from Chris Thompson, the C.E.O., which he also cc’d Gary Epper, the COO.

JR, how have you been? Thanks for being a longtime member and reviewer. We are growing and changing fast, so a few things of late…1-we had so many orders some went out on the 11th and 2-we ship now from a fulfillment center in NC. Sorry for the inconvenience. Cheers, Chris

Well, dang, I thought. They ship from North Carolina? I have no idea how long that should take by mail to get to L.A. And some shipped on 11th, not the 10th? So that adds a possible extra day to me to get my order? I wrote back, replying to both Chris and Gary, saying that if I’d known this I likely wouldn’t have ordered it at the time. Then I also asked about a tracking number, to at least confirm that my order was shipped, and give me and idea of when I’d receive it.

I didn’t get a reply that day. But then the next day at work, Tuesday April 15th, I received my box of TruBrain. Except I noted from the shipping label that the box had just shipped the day before, via USPS Priority Mail 1-Day, and it shipped from and address in Santa Monica, not North Carolina. So this means that my original order hadn’t shipped yet, either on the 10th or 11th, because it would have already been in transit to me and I never received that. Instead it wasn’t until after I emailed them that they rushed out a box to me.

On the 21st, I got a reply from Chris:

Hi J.R., sorry for the delay as we have been crazy with our Sang Lucci study (and here he included a link to THIS SITE). Gary and I will be back to your tmrw. Did you receive your box? Thanks! Chris

I replied that I did get the box, shipped overnight from Santa Monica, and the next day he replied:

Ah nice. Good to hear.

And that’s that. Anyway, TruBrain has changed their formula of their packs, different from what I described HERE. There’s a card included with the box that says: We are excited to report that with the help of our supply partner’s dry blending technology, our blend is now in less capsules by removing the fluff that comes with individual capsules. We did this without sacrificing ANY EFFICACY.

So now the AM packets have three white-powder capsules, while the PM packs have two white-powder capsules, and one gel pill.

I started taking it for a few days, but then I got sick so I stopped while I recovered, then started again, but then stopped again when work got so busy and I had no time to exercise or write. It’s been a few days now, I currently have 5 AM packs and 6 PM packs (plus 4 turbo boost packs) left. I don’t know when I will finish this. Part of me wished I could get another full box to start over, but as I’ve said before this stuff is too expensive. I can’t afford another box right now.

What do YOU think?

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