Well, it’s past time for me to give my final thoughts on TrueBrain, which I first tried last month. After the first twenty day-supply ran out, I ordered a 2nd supply, which ran out last Monday. So I have forty days experience of daily use of TruBrain. At a cost of $125 a case, that is $250 of my own money that I have spent on this product (after rejecting their initial offer of a free supply for review), which I believe qualifies me to make a thorough, and fair, assessment. The result:


Unlike, say, Excelerol, which I can say unequivocally did not work for me, I did notice a change during my time taking TruBrain. I have gotten a bit more writing done, including updating this blog more regularly, but I’m not sure exactly how much I can attribute that to TruBrain. During this same time I also have begun working out more often, doing up to 30 minutes of cardio most mornings. I’ve cut out most “junk” food, save for peanut butter Pop Tarts, which I just love, cutting out all carbonated drinks in favor of mostly water and orange juice. So, while I’m hardly a health nut, I am taking better physical care of myself, and I know that has to have an effect on my mental conditioning, as well. So how much of my increased mental productivity can I attribute to taking TruBrain everyday, and how much can I attribute to working out more often? That’s what makes this inconclusive.

And, really, for the amount of money that I spent on this product, I feel that its effects should be more clear to me. When I look at testimonials like THIS ONE (check his daily update on GoogleDoc) where he talks about feeling calmer, and more focused and attentive, I think that’s great, but I didn’t feel that. The only time I felt a direct benefit from the packs was when I took the regular packs along with the turbo boost pills. That did give me a bit more energy, and was helpful in weaning me off caffeine. But you only get 4 turbo boost pills in each monthly package.

I will say that if this product was cheaper, I would most likely continue taking it for another month, or even two. Just to continue using it, while continuing to get myself in better shape. Sort of like taking vitamins. Even if you’re not sure that they help, at least they don’t hurt, and therefor you take them just for the possible benefits. And, for the record, TruBrain definitely did not hurt. I felt no negative side-effects, no headaches or moodiness or anything.

But for $125 a month, I don’t know if it’s worth it. First, as I mentioned before, it’s not even a “month” supply, it’s really just 20 days. I don’t understand why they would pack this just for Mon-Fri. I realize that’s supposed to coincide with a “work month,” but I think many people (including me) feel that they also need that boost on weekends, so I think it should be increased to a 30-day supply). And the only current buying options are that you either order a box every month for $125 (but they only ship on the 10th and 25th of each month, so if you have to make sure you order it at the right time, if you don’t want to run out), or you can order a 3-month subscription at a discount of $112 a month ($336 total) or a 12-month subscription for $79 a month ($948 total), which is still a lot of money, and you’re billed for the entire subscription immediately (although they offer money back if you cancel). But if a box of TruBrain, with 60 packets to last 30 days, cost around, let’s say $60-$70, I’d say go ahead and give it try. But at the current prices I cannot, in good conscious, recommend this.

I’m not saying DON’T buy it. It very well might work for you, better than it did for me. If you’ve got the money to spare, by all means, give it a shot. The makers of TruBrain really seem passionate & sincere about their product, unlike the obvious scam-artists behind Excelerol, and I appreciate how open Tomás Ferrari has been with me, as I took this, I’m just saying to keep in mind that the results may not be as strong as you hope.


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  2. Hey J.R., my first time on your blog. Very interesting information about TruBrain. Have you tried AlphaBrain, and Nootrobrain?
    More specifically, I’m wondering if the lack of serious noticeable effects is caused from the filtration systems in our bodies taking hold of the active ingredients, I wonder if an injectable form of noot would better serve us? (“us” as in those who want enlightenment and attaining thought processes to the next level of evolutionary development). I’ve found a few online. If you try any, please update me 🙂


    • Howdy, Brainy!

      Yes, I did try AlphaBrain last year, I got it because I heard Adam Carolla raving about it on his podcast, which I subscribe to. He got it from Joe Rogen, and claimed it worked for them, that he would take two pills before doing a live show on stage and that it made him feel “laser focused.” So I got a bottle and tried it, but I didn’t feel anything. I’ve never heard of Nootrobrain.

      I guess something inject-able would probably work better than ingesting pills. At least it would work faster, because it goes straight to your bloodstream. I don’t think I’d want to try one, though, I don’t like the idea of sticking myself with needles on a regular basis.


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