As I mentioned in TRYING TRUBRAIN, in addition to the 20 AM and 20 PM packs, they included 4 “turbo boost” pills, which the card inside the box say are “for those extended workdays.” And as I mentioned in TWENTY DAYS ON TRUBRAIN, that I hadn’t taken any of the turbo boost pills yet, I was just taking the regular packs. The one thing I definitely hadn’t noticed from taking the packs, was any extra energy, I still needed to take caffeine pills most days, to have the energy to make it through the day, especially at work. According to TruBrain product manager Tomás Ferrari told me that TruBrain is meant to help remove over-reliance on caffeine. Well, I’d like to get off caffeine altogether. I know it’s not good for you, and is in fact an addictive substance. But it’s hard (that’s the point). Supposedly, the first 12 days of no caffeine are the worst, in terms of withdrawal systems, so you just need to tough it through that. Well, today is my third straight day of no caffeine. And I think it has something to do with these turbo boost pills.

I’d asked Tomas before about how to best take the pills when I use them, and he said: “About the Turbo Boost, it doesn’t really matter.. taking it with the AM dose or between the AM and PM dose are probably the best two use-cases. Well, I took more than one pill a day, in addition to the packs. On Friday, I took one turbo boost pill along with the AM pack, when I first woke up. And then I took another turbo boost pills with the PM pack in the late afternoon, and no caffeine pills at all. I still felt a little tired during my usual times during the day, but I made it through. And then yesterday I took one turbo boost pills in the morning with my AM pack, but I didn’t take a 2nd one with my PM pack. But then today I did take a turbo boost pill with each pack. And I have to say, this weekend I didn’t feel like a huge burst of energy, but I didn’t feel as tired as I usually get, I was not tempted to take a caffeine pill. These seemed to work as an adequate substitute.

Of course, as I said before, there’s also the fact that I’ve been working out a little more, I did 30 minutes of cardio right after getting out of bed. So that likely helps too, as I slowly get in better shape. I will also say that yesterday was a rather productive day for me, in regards to my writing. A got more done than usual. Not as much today, but I have done some today. So that extra “boost” seems to have made a little difference. Of course, now I only have 2 turbo boosts pills left. I plan to take one pill with my AM packs tomorrow and Tuesday. And then I’ll be back to just taking the packs everyday. I’m hopeful these few days with the extra boost will help make it easier for me to cut out caffeine completely. We’ll see.

And for another overview of TruBrain, I found this guy, who calls himself THE FOCUS NINJA, and is trying it himself. He’s trying it, and will be making videos of his progress.

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