This is just a quick little FYI, since I’ve noticed that my various posts about TruBrain continue to get several hits a week. So for all the folks who are perhaps considering trying TruBrain and looking it up online to find reviews for it, in the interest of full disclosure I’d like to point out that despite what I wrote last time I have since then bought two more packs of TruBrain. Back in November I had a lot of things going on with work and my personal life, including a trip to Alabama, which all disrupted my daily routine and fallen back on exercising and the rest of my health stuff. So I wanted to get back in shape, and I had some extra money so I went ahead and bought another pack of TruBrain. I used it a few days, but then I had a medical emergency (a sharp pain in my left shoulder) which left me laid up for two days, and took a couple of weeks to fully heal. So some days I didn’t take the pills, because I wasn’t doing anything, and I still couldn’t exercise. So I ordered a 2nd pack because I wanted to replenish my supply enough so that when I was ready I could take TruBrain on a steady daily basis for a full month, while also exercising again.

Everything I said before stands, that I think there is some benefit in TruBrain, provided that you use it in conjunction with a healthier lifestyle (exercising, eating better, getting enough sleep, etc.). But I do think it is too expensive, which is why I can’t give it a more enthusiastic endorsement. I can’t say for certain that this product will work for everyone, and at this price it is a bit of a gamble. But I’ve personally bought a total of 4 boxes now, so take that for what it’s worth.

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  1. […] another box of TruBrain (this would be my fifth box, after my first two boxes last year, and then the 2 more boxes I got in January). I ordered them on the 9th, which was a Wednesday. As per their website, they only ship new orders […]


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