I’m typing this while I’m work. This is my last break for today. I have been working a lot recently. Last week we started our annual inventory count, where we stop shipping and just spend all day counting parts, which is long and boring. So last Monday and Tuesday we came in early (8am and 7am, respectively) to try to ship as many orders as we could, in anticipation of the shutdown. Then we were off Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday it was counting from 7am to 7pm (my regular hours are 9am-to 5:30pm, to give you an idea of how much overtime this is). And I was in today again at 7am.

This is not easy for me, getting up so early, I need my beauty sleep. I have to take sleeping pills to get to sleep early, and then 5-hour energy drinks first thing in the morning to wake me up. I hate relying on this stuff, but I don’t have much choice right now.

For the record this isn’t meant to be a complaint. Believe me, I know I’m lucky to have a decent and steady job, I have a few friends who are desperately looking for work, and have been out of work for a while, so I know it’s not easy out there. And this overtime should pad my next paycheck pretty good as well. So, all things considered, I’m pretty lucky. I’m just pointing out that it has caused some disruption in other parts of my life. Not much personal time available, it’s pretty just go home and go to sleep then wake and go to work. Then repeat.

As per my last post, I’ve been forcibly offline for the most part, since my home internet connection has been down. I’ve only been able to access the internet via my iPad, or smartphone, or on my work computer. I can’t really write blogs on my iPad (well, I could, but typing is much slower for me on that thing, so I don’t bother trying), and I don’t really have time at work. I get a 15 minute break in the morning and a 10 minute break in the afternoon, which isn’t enough time to write a serious post (I make enough typos and spelling errors when I take my time to write, I can only imagine how bad it would be if I were trying to rush during a short break), and then my 30 minute lunch break, during which I’m eating. But according to my brother, my internet service has been restored now, and should actually be faster than ever. However I’m still working until 7pm tonight (& then 7am-7pm again tomorrow), so it will still be a few days before I have to time to regularly update this blog, which I swear I’m planning to do this year.

Thank you (yes, YOU) for your patience.

P.S. Last night I helped my brother, James, set up his own blog on WordPress. We still have a little more work to do on it, like getting his own domain name to cover the WordPress url, but feel free to check it out now if you want to: TheSuperOrganizerUniverse

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