Created by: Alyssa Milano
Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Artist: Marcus To
Publisher: Archaia Black Label

Previously: HACKTIVIST #1

As we left off last issue, Nate was approached at a star-studded gala by a woman named Brynn Ori, a C.I.A. agent who happens to know all about he and Ed’s secret activities as the cybergroup .sve_Urs3lf. The U.S. government wants to offer Yourlife a defense contract worth billions to use their network for a covert strike against the Tunisian government. Nate takes the offer to Ed, who ferociously objects to the idea, basically stating that no matter how good their intentions may seem, getting in bed with the U.S. government is like making a deal with the devil. But then in the blink of an eye, Ed agrees to the deal, and we flash forward two weeks later to where Nate is leading a team of programmers supporting Tunisian rebels, but they aren’t working quite fast enough for Agent Ori, who suspects that Ed is purposely not working as fast as he could.

Well, without spoiling all the details, let’s just say that this issue ends with Ed on the run, and Agent Ori demanding that Nate track him down or else the government will shut down Yourlife and he and all of his employees will end up in Federal prison for treason. So next up its friend against friend, genius against genius. Should be thrilling.

I’m definitely enjoying this, it’s a dialog-heavy story, so don’t expect a lot of “action”. I’m not computer expert myself, yet I never felt lost trying to follow all of the tech-talk in here, writers Lanzing and Kelly make sure that it’s accessible enough, without feeling dumbed-down. And To’s art-style fits the tone of this series perfectly. As I mentioned last time, you might be tempted to assume, because of Alyssa Milano’s involvement, that this is just one of those vanity projects that a celebrity makes just as a pitch for some movie or TV shows. But that doesn’t appear to be the case, since the leads are two males. Certainly, I could see Milano playing Agent Ori if this were made as a live-action film or TV series, but this story, so far, definitely stands on its own as a comic-book. And I look forward to the next issue.


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