Avatar Press released this one-shot issue which serves as a follow-up to the BLOODBATH miniseries. This time Mike Wolfer serves as the writer, with art by Sabastian Fiumara. It features Violet, the resident “survivor girl” from the previous tale, trying to drive out of the Crystal Lake forest after the slaughter, but she is stopped by the soldiers who have blocked the road, and she is taken back to The Organization’s fortified compound. The directors of The Organization, the wealthy men and women in suits, still want to capture Jason, and they intend to use Violet as bait. As one member says, Jason should be even more determined to kill her, since she’s “the one that got away,” which plays upon the conventions of some of the films, where the heroine of one movie gets killed in the opening scene of the sequel. Through dialog, we get more of an explanation for the directors’ motivations in capturing Jason, all they care about are the potential profits to made from researching his immortality. The potential danger to anyone else is irrelevant.

Violet uses her wits (& her sexuality), to get free from the room they were holding her in, and attempts to escape from the compound, but then Jason arrives, looking for vengeance. The next several pages are a mix of blood and violence, as Jason massacres his way through the soldiers, to get to get inside the compound, headed straight for the board room where they directors have barricaded themselves in. But, suffice to say, nothing stop Jason. There’s a cathartic pleasure in seeing those greedy fatcats getting killed, in inventive and brutal ways. It all comes down to a final showdown between Jason and Violet, with her ending being left somewhat ambiguous.

Nothing grand here, but it’s a good little story, a neat sequel and ending to Bloodbath. Wolfer admirably steps into the writers chair, standing in just fine for Pulido. But Fiumara’s art is a little rough in some pages, which is the only thing that brings this comic down a grade.


Like the other Avatar Press comics, Fearbook is not available digitally, so a print copy can be rather hard to track down and expensive if you find it. Try AMAZON or perhaps EBAY.

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