Brian Pulido returned to write this one-shot story, drawn by Sebastian Fiumara. It’s meant to be a sequel to the film. It begins with the final scene from the film, with a couple of teens camping in the woods on Earth II, in the year 2455. When what appears to be a shooting star crashes near them. And it turns out to be Jason Voorhees, fully intact (despite his apparent incineration at the end of the film), in his “Uber Jason” form. Jason immediately stabs the teens to death, while they’re in the middle of (somewhat inexplicably) having sex. We then learn that this is just a simulated event. A girl named Kristen actually has Jason contained in a virtual reality chamber on a spaceship, after a somewhat convoluted explanation for how he survived the end of the film.

Kristen needs to examine how Jason’s tissue regenerates for some kind of desperate medical reason, and that’s what made her risk bringing Jason on board, despite how dangerous he is. She runs Jason through another VR program, making think he’s in a cemetery at his mother’s grave. She has him attacked by a swarm of those nanites from the film, but Jason fights them off and escapes from the holding cell that Kristen has him in. He hears his mother’s voice, telling him to kill everyone.

So the rest of the issue pretty much follows the tone of the film, with Jason making his way through the ship, which is populated by various young people, and killing everyone he sees. Except there’s is a bit of twist to that, which I won’t spoil.

Overall, there are some decent moments in this issue, but it also feels rushed, as if it could have another issue or two to flesh out the story. As I mentioned, the explanation for how he survived the end of the film could have been written better. Also, Kristen’s motivations were unclear. She keeps talking about how she needs to discover the secret to Jason’s abilities, to save the human race somehow, and that she doesn’t want to be “the last”. It seems like the implication is that the human race is dying out for someone reason, and she needs to find a way for her to continue it. But then this theory is contradicted later on, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I think the basis for a great story is in here, it just wasn’t able to be told in one issue.


Not available digitally but, as of this writing, it can be found rather cheaply for sale on MYCOMICSHOP.COM

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