With this 2-part series, Mike Wolfer writes and draws this story as a direct sequel to the Jason X Special, as well as to the movie. A crew of scavengers arrive on the old Grendell spaceship and find all the dead bodies of the crew. Someone also finds the chunk of Jason’s head that was blow up, before the rest of him was transformed by the nanites into “Uber Jason”. The head is tossed and lands in some kind of regeneration machine, which then scoops up organic material from the body part of the old crew members, and combines them all to recreate the original Jason Voorhees.

No, there was nothing like this sort of technology hinted at in the film, and I can’t really see how it could even work, but never mind. As far as resurrections of Jason Voorhees go, this isn’t the most implausible one I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, good ol Jason start doing what he does best: slicing and dicing people to death. The last survivor of the crew flies off in her ship but, unbeknownst to her, Jason is tagging along. Her ship has some mechanical trouble, so she has to dock with the next ship she sees, which is “The Fun Club”, the very ship that Uber Jason landed on at the end of the Jason X Special. So she heads to the lounge area, thinking she can get some rest, but walks right into Uber Jason hacking his way through the group of teens who were partying there. And then Jason shows up right behind her. That’s the end of the first issue.

The 2nd issue is mostly fight scenes between the two versions of Jason. Of course, the Fun Club is also a luxury cruise ship, so there is a large number of young people in bathing suits for both Jasons to kill as they try to kill each other. Then the ship crash-lands on Earth II, conveniently in the middle of a forest, and the two Jason continue their fight.

I won’t spoil the ending. . .

Okay, so it’s not the deepest story ever written, but it’s got lots of blood, guts, and a fair amount of nudity, which is what we all come to expect from Friday The 13th. And the fight scenes between the two Jasons are pretty cool, even if the comic had to make some huge leaps of logic to get there. But Mike Wolfer makes it work, and his art looks lovely. I’d recommend this book to any Friday The 13th fan.


Not available digitally, and is long out of print, but you may be able to find copies at MYCOMICSHOP.COM

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