At the end of the previous issue, Flyboy had packed a bag and left Sol City. Here we see that he has moved to St. Louis and, after buying a new costume for a seemingly shady character, has taken the new superhero name THE BULLET. He quickly establishes himself as a crimefighter and savior, with many heroic acts, and endears himself to the public. And after an appeal for corporate sponsorship, he starts a bidding a war from several corporations, finally accepting a $1.5 million dollar deal. Finally, it appears that all of Flyboy’s troubles are over.

But then he’s visited at night by the mysterious woman from last issue, who once again seduces him in his sleep, during which we get a flashback to her origin. She is one of the infamous Moonglow Twins, two women with vast powers. One day, as teenagers, the two girls, Susie and Julia are accosted by a group of boys, who attempt to rape Susie. Julia uses her powers to save her sister and kills the boys, who were local high school football players, and this forces the girls to split town to hide from the law. Feeling that they have no other options they turn to a life of crime, but are now ready to give that up. How that pertains to Flyboy is unknown. But back in the present, when the Julia Moonglow is finished with Flyboy, he once again wakes up with no memory of the night before. Realizing that he’s late for a celebration in his honor, where he is due to sign the sponsorship contract, so he quickly gets dressed and flies to the event. But when he gets there everyone, including him, is shocked when they see that instead of his Bullet costume, he accidentally changed into his Flyboy costume. Once the public sees who he really is, they reject him as a loser and second-stringer sidekick. Flyboy has no choice but to leave again, but where will he go? Back to Sol City, where’s he’s still not appreciated, or somewhere else?

I did enjoy this issue, you can’t help but feel sorry for Flyboy as he really seems earnest about wanting to be a hero in his own right, but he just can’t catch a break. As far as “hard-luck heroes” go, even Spider-Man’s got nothing on Flyboy. But this issue still leaves many mysteries unclear. Like, as I said, what is the Moonglow Twin’s interest in Flyboy and, for that matter, where is Susie now? We get an earlier scene of them plotting to give up crime and assume new identities, and they reference some man who says he can help them, but who is that? The fellow who gave Flyboy the new costume says Flyboy owes him favor for it (since Flyboy couldn’t afford the full price), and so I’m betting that will come back to bite Flyboy in the arse eventually. And there is still no update Flyboy’s ex-mentor The Red Cowl who, as we saw in the first issue, is secretly still alive. I hope these questions get answered soon. I’m still taking this series on an issue by issue basis, and so far I’m intrigued enough to come back for the next issue.


Available on COMIXOLOGY

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