Released in December 1985, just one month after the release of their 3rd major album ALL FOR LOVE, and must have been recording around the same time as that album, since Bobby Brown is pictured on the cover and listed as a vocalist, even though he’d already announced his split from the group by the time this was released. This isn’t a full album, it was officially called an “E.P.”, there’s just six songs, most of which are original compositions, with the exception of GIVE LOVE ON CHRISTMAS DAY, a cover of a song originally recorded by the Jackson Five. Ralph sings lead, with his falsetto mirroring that of a young Michael Jackson, for this slow song. The title track CHRISTMAS ALL OVER THE WORLD is another slow song, notable for the fact that Ronnie and Michael song co-lead vocals along with Ralph and Ricky, something that was unusual for New Edition songs. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU and SINGING MERRY CHRISTMAS are two more slow songs, while ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS (IS MY LITTLE GIRL) and THE JOY OF CHRISTMAS are two uptemp songs that could have fit in on any standard New Edition album.

There’s not much to criticize this album for. It is what it is. Christmas albums are, by definition, gimmicks, quick little cash grabs. Something a musical act can re-issue every year for the holiday season. OBy this standard, I’d say that Christmas All Over The World is a success. So you could say that I’m grading this on a curve, as a New Edition album it’s not exactly a classic, but judging it by other Christmas albums, it’s pretty good. The songs are all catchy and fun, and the boys’ vocals are superb.


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