In 1993 Bell Biv DeVoe reunited to release their 2nd album of new material. They got many of the same producers, including Wolf & Epic and L.A. & Babyface, to try to recreate the magic of their debut.

Sadly, they failed.

Two singles were released from this album, ABOVE THE RIM, a rap song about basketball (I think), and SOMETHING IN YOUR EYES, a pretty decent ballad sung by Ricky. But of the rest of the album cuts, there aren’t many standouts. There are two more ballads, PLEASE COME BACK and LOST IN THE MOMENT, that aren’t bad, but aren’t really want I think fans wanted from BBD. The rest of the album are up-tempo tracks, but only really LOVELY and FROM THE BACK sound like the kind of jams that fit on the first album. The remaining 5 songs, NICKEL, GHETTO BOOTY, SHOW ME THE WAY, THE SITUATION, and the title track HOOTIE MACK, all fall flat.

They caught lightning in a bottle the first time out, but lightning didn’t strike twice…


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