So today I learned that Madonna used the hashtag #disnigga on her instagram page, and the dude currently starring in The Bachelor TV show doesn’t think they should have a gay man on the show. Que thousands of angry comments posted across the net.

Ho hum.

Seriously, I can’t be bothered to complain. First, I’m surprised anyone is still watching The Bachelor. But this is currently the 18th season! Is the whole romance and true love fantasy that strong? I checked, and out of the past 17 seasons, only one couple from the show has gotten married, so far, with a second couple still engaged and planning to get married this year. That’s not great odds. The spin-off show The Bachelorette isn’t much better, with 2 couples out of 9 seasons getting married, and a third one still engaged and planning to be married. It’s all mostly fake. So my point is, who the frak really cares what some random guy who was picked for a silly “reality” show thinks about anything?

I had the same reaction to the controversy over Duck Dynasty last month. I’ve been very clear, on this blog and in real life, that I’m a strong supporter of GLBT rights, but I just can’t get myself all worked up about what some dude from some TV show that I never watch says. The only “reality” show I watch regularly these days is The Millionaire Matchmaker, even though it seems like Patti Stanger (who has also been attacked over perceived homophobic remarks in the past) is becoming a parody of herself, just yelling at everyone all the time. But even then, I don’t care about her social or political views either.

Another recent incident was Jay Mohr making fun of Alyssa Milano. Y’all know I love Alyssa, she’s the reason I watched and reviewed every episode of MISTRESSES last year. So when I heard of Mohr’s remarks I just thought “What a dumbass.” First of all, not only is Milano still smokin’ hot, but even if she wasn’t that would be a dumb thing to say. But then, well, that’s it. I didn’t spends hours thinking about it.

And I think this just speaks to a larger trend I’ve noticed in recent years, regarding what I call the Outrage Industry. It almost feels like people are just reflexively re-acting, and sometimes over-reacting, to things like this because they feel like they have to. It’s the thing to do, especially online. Someone, famous or not, said something offensive on Twitter…GET ‘EM!!!!!

I’ve seen people talking about the sensationalism of mainstream news, and how the pressure to get ratings drives news outlets to focus on salacious stories, including stories about celebrities, at the expense of more important topics. This is often blamed on the 24-hour networks, like CNN, Fox, and MSNBC, and the public network news divisions’ need to compete with them. So something like the Casey Anthony trial will get wall to wall coverage, and anyone even remotely connected to her will be getting interviews and book deals.

Well the internet is even worse. This is non-stop, it’s 24-7. Websites need new material every day, refreshed and updated all day long. Bloggers, like me, need something to write about. Gotta get those hits! Gotta get some comments! Blah blah blah. But I’m just over it. Celebrities saying dumb stuff isn’t all that important to me.

What do YOU think?

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