Witnesses say Kanye West attacked a man who allegedly unleashed a tirade of racial slurs against the rapper’s fiance, Kim Kardashian, in Beverly Hills on Monday.

The incident was reported about 12:15 p.m. Monday at a building in the 8800 block of Wilshire Boulevard, a commercial district, according to a statement from the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Witnesses told KTLA-TV that paparazzi were camped out outside the building as Kardashian arrived for an appointment. A man holding open the door was reportedly yelling racial slurs and other derogatory comments at the photographers.

When Kardashian asked him to stop, he allegedly directed his tirade toward her, according to law enforcement sources. Kardashian then apparently called West, who arrived a short time later. After she pointed out the offender, West attacked him, Michael Smith, who works in the building, told KTLA.

“It probably a little bit of an incredible reaction, but probably warranted,” Smith said.

And now, unlike Mr. Clifford Hall, here we have an example of a Black man that I’m hoping gets thrown in jail. Not that I’m really expecting that to happen, he IS also part of the 1%, after all. But when I first read of this case yesterday I was struck by the comments I read that were actually defending Kanye’s actions. People were saaying he had the right to “defend” his fiance, that the racist guy had it coming and deserved it, for what he said (for the record, the offending comments were “faggots” – directed at the paparazzi, and “nigger lover” – directed at Kim). Some even said it was “self-defense.” Or the man in this article saying it was “probably warranted.”


I’m sorry, but that’s not how it works, nor should it. This isn’t a couple of kids on a school playground, Kanye West is 36 years old, he should know better. Being “racist” isn’t a crime, but punching someone IS. You don’t have the right to physically assault someone because they called you or someone you care about a bad name. That’s not defense. There was no immediate threat to Kanye or Kim at the time that Kanye punched the guy. He was just mad. And I’m not saying I even blame him for being mad but, c’mon, sticks and stones may break my bones… T

They’re both worldwide celebrities. People are going to talk crap about you, in real life and online and in print. It comes with the territory. Getting into physical fights over it is not only illegal but it’s childish and stupid. And Kanye wasn’t there when the guy shouted at Kim, this all happened after the fact, and they both went to seek the guy out, making this a per-meditated assault. Not cool, man.

Heck, I called Kim Kardashian an attention whore once (& that’s just on this blog, I’ve called her much worse in private). President Obama called Kanye West a jackass. Would Kanye be justified in punching us, too? Well, he’s welcome to try, but you’d better believe I’d be pressing criminal charges against him and suing his arse off in civil court.

Anyway, what’s likely to happen here is that Kanye will pay the guy a bunch of money to settle the case and drop the charges, and therefor won’t see a day in jail. But if he does try to fight this in court, he deserves to lose.

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