ROUTE 3 #2

Writer: Robert Jeffrey II
Artist: Sean Damien Hill
Publisher: Terminus Media

Previously: Route 3 #1

Well, it’s been a long time, but the wait is over. The 2nd issue is here (actually, it came out last week, I’m just getting to it now because I’ve been busy), in “A DATE…WITH DESTINY”

So it turns out that the contract put on Sean to a local gang is really just a test, to make sure Sean is the right kid. Because somebody, we don’t know who but he is seen meeting with the President, really wants to capture Sean. At the moment Sean’s only pressing concern is his date with Samie. This is the highlight of the issue has it showcases Robert Jeffrey’s skill in writing dialog. The interaction between Sean and Samie, both of whom clearly like each other but are still nervous, flows very naturally and “sounds” realistic. They go to a movie and there’s a wordless sequence where the two kids are sitting together and then Sean reaches over and they hold hands. It’s a nice little portrayal of puppy love. After the date, Samie’s sister picks her up, and Sean walks home. He’s quickly accosted by the gangstas who were sent to kill him. They drag him into an alley, pull out their guns and that’s when Sean’s powers kick in, seemingly by instinct, to protect himself with explosive blasts of blue energy. That’s when another mysterious man arrives on the scene and takes Sean away in his car, telling Sean that there’s no turning back…

I can’t really be much more thorough than that, without spoiling the whole thing, you just have to read it yourself. This was more of a character-building issue, not much action until the final pages. But I enjoyed it, as it’s clearly just the opening of a larger arc, and I’m curious to see where it goes. We know from the first issue that several months later, Sean is going to be considered to be a terrorist and the military will be sent after him. So I suspect that a lot of interesting things will be revealed before we get there. The strength is defiantly Robert Jeffrey II’s writing, he’s the reason I’m hooked on this new series. And Sean Damien Hill’s artwork shows signs of improvement since the first issue, especially during the action scenes. I recommend this book.

ROUTE 3 #2

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