The Supernals Experiment #1

Created by Phillip Buchanon
Written by David F. Walker
Drawn by Ramon F. Bachs
Inked by Raul Fernandez
Colors by Santiago Arcas
Published by Canon Comics

Robert Jeffrey (y’know, the bloke who wrote Route 3, Radio Free Amerika, and other stuff) told me to buy this tonight. So I did. I’d never heard of it, but it’s only .99 cents on Comixology, so what the heck, right?

I’ll try not to spoil too much. We open an undetermined amount of time in the past, several babies with severe birth defects (one with no limbs, conjoined twins, etc.) are signed over by their parents (or abandoned) to a special clinic called Healing Hands. Today in the present we learn that at some point the clinic was shut down and the kids were all sent off to different foster homes, and all info about the clinic was erased. Now a bunch of those kids are older (mostly teenagers, a couple who look like adult) hiding out together and trying to track down all the others, while some mysterious “men in black” are also tracking them and killing any one that the find. Why? Because, apparently, they all have special abilities. Like being stronger and faster than normal people. We see one kid being killed while trying to track another. The latest target is a college athlete named Ray in Georgia. Two of the other kids, Caleb and Amanda, go to see him and warn him about the men that are after them all. And Ray reveals that another kid who was with them at the clinic, Darryl, has also been raised with him by the same foster parents, and the others point out that he’s in danger too. And then the men in black arrive, and things get dangerous…

Okay, It’s pretty much just a set-up issue. The solicitation for the issue gives a lot more info about the series than the actual comic itself does, which isn’t a good sign. And there’s a strong X-Men vibe here, which is acknowledged in the book itself, as one of the characters compares them to the X-Men. But admitting that it’s derivative, doesn’t make it any less derivative. This is credited as a 5-issue miniseries, hopefully future issues will show this to be more original. But it was a decent story, with good enough artwork. I’ll likely check out at least the 2nd issue, and decide if I’ll stick with the whole series after that.

This issue also contains a 5 page preview of another series from Canon comics called AQUATIC BOURNE, written by Mike Baron and drawn by David Hahn. A woman named Audrey works at Sea World-type of amusement park, putting on shows with whales and dolphins. No one who works there knows much about her, but we soon see that she’s able to breath underwater and talk to the dolphins (telepathically) and refers to herself as not human. So what’s her secret agenda? I guess you’ll have to read that book to find out.



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