The Supernals Experiment #2

Created by Phillip Buchanon
Written by David F. Walker
Drawn by Ramon F. Bachs
Inked by Raul Fernandez
Colors by Santiago Arcas
Published by Canon Comics

PREVIOUSLY: The Supernals Experiment #1

This issue steps up the action a bit. First we open with a flashback years ago at the Healing Hands Institute, where we see that a man named Dr. Epstein performed some kind of experiments on those abandoned children, and cured their birth defects. The conjoined twins have been successfully separated, the boy with no limbs now has healthy arms and legs, and they’re all playing in a playground with a bunch of other young children (they all look like 5-7 years old). But the doctor is visited by the mysterious organization who have funded his institute for their own nefarious purposes, and they want to take the children with them, over Epstein’s objections. We learn that he’s the one who shut down his Institute and tried to hide the children throughout the country in various foster homes. Then we flash forward to the present where the battle between the “men in black” and the teens is taking place at Ray’s foster home. Amanda and Ray are joined by some mysterious new kids who also exhibit super powers, Raul who is telekinetic and Victor who can teleport. The 4 teens get away, but Caleb had been captured earlier and is taken to a secret prison where other children form the Institute are being held and treated like animals. Back at their safehouse, the teens regroup and try to decide what to do next. Some of them are getting tired of running and hiding and think it’s time to fight back. But one of them may not be what they seem…

Like I said before, it’s not the most original story. Super-powered Teenagers On The Run From An Evil Corporation That Wants To Capture Them is a tale that has been told before. It continues to remain to be seen whether there is any twist to this story that will help make it unique. But it’s not bad for what it is, the writing by David F. Walker and art by Ramon F. Bachs are both solid. And it’s just .99 cents and issue, so I remain intrigued enough to stick with it for now and see how it goes.

The Supernals Experiment #2


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