Midnight Tiger #2 (again?)

Written by DeWayne Feenstra
Art by Ray-Anthony Height
Colors by Paul John Little
Letters by Vito Delsante
Published by Action Lab Entertainment

Okay, first off, something is wrong here. This is a digital series, as far as I know. I don’t know if it’s also available in print, but I just get it via Comixology. The first issue, #0, came out on Comixology June 4th, then #1 came out on June 25th. I didn’t find out about it until a month later when I bought both issues and reviewed them each HERE and HERE.

But here’s where it gets weird. In September a third issue, listed as #2 came out. And I bought it and reviewed it HERE. But then this past Wednesday a new issue in this series came out. And it was also listed as #2. And when I click the Comixology link I’d included in my previous review no longer works. But I’m not imagining things, that other #2 issue does exist. I still have it on my iPad, along with the others.

See? There it is, along with the others. Four issues, but the last two are both labeled #2.

Yet when I look on the Comixology website, the previous issue is missing.


So I don’t know what’s up with that, but I guess I’ll just get on with reading and reviewing this new #2. It picks up from the now-non-existent #2’s cliffhanger, where Gavin has learned about this new gang-lord called P-Stone and has put on his Midnight Tiger costume to go look for him. We open late at night where Gavin has had no long searching. But Gavin sees a young woman being attacked by a couple of thugs and leaps into action to protect her, but that turns out to be a set-up to capture Midnight Tiger, he’s ambushed and knocked unconscious and delivered to the park where P-Stone is, who plans to kill Midnight Tiger himself. P-Stone exhibits some super-powers of his own, he has some kind of energy blasts and possibly super-strength and fast reflexes. The fight between him and Midnight Power is quick, but brutal, with Midnight Tiger barely surviving. But it turns out that P-Stone and his gang aren’t the only ones interested in Midnight Tiger. A local superhero team called The Icons are also tracking him down, because they want him to join their ranks, and they appear to know a lot more about him than he realizes. . .

Overall, a great issue. And improvement from the previous issue #2, which was a mostly dialog-heavy issue, this one brought back the action, introduced several new characters who could be important later on, and even brought up the possibility of a love interest for our hero, as Gavin expressed some attraction to his female friend Ryan, who appears again this issue. So I continue to be impressed with the abilities of the creative team on this series, and look forward to where this goes. I just hope no future issues disappear…


What do YOU think?

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