Written by DeWayne Feenstra
Art by Ray-Anthony Height
Colors by Paul Little
Letters by Erica Schultz
Published by Action Lab Entertainment


This is a surprisingly spare issue, at least compared to the previous issue and issue #0. It opens with Gavin at school with his friends Dex and Ryan. They have an altercation in the hallway with some gang members, including a boy named Malcolm who used to be Gavin’s friend. Gavin and Malcolm both get sent to the Principle’s office for fighting, which really upsets Gavin’s father, who lectures his son against using violence. Through dialog and flashbacks we learn that Malcolm used to be a good kid, until a new gang called the South Siders, lead by a man called P-Stone (who was referenced by the thugs Gavin fought as Midnight Tiger last issue) took over the neighborhood Malcolm lives in, eventually forcing Malcolm to join in order to stay safe. When Gavin hears that name again he puts on his costume and prepares to go out and confront P-Stone, whom we hanging out in a park with some of his cronies and appears to have super-powers of his own and is ready to face Midnight Tiger.

That’s pretty much it. So not really any action in this issue, just a lot of talking heads. I still enjoyed the book (and it’s only .99 cents), particularly Ray-Anthony Height’s artwork, and am interested in where this story is heading, but I do hope next issue picks up the pace again.

Midnight Tiger #2

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