Written by DeWayne Feenstra
Art by Ray-Anthony Height
Colors by Paul Little
Letters by Erica Schultz
Published by Action Lab Entertainment


We open in a bad section of town, a bum walks into a bar (that sounds like the set-up to a joke, but it isn’t) and burns the place to the ground by shooting flames from his hands. It turns out the the bum is a well-known supervillain named Infernus, who was believed dead. The local police try to calm the populace while denying that it was actually Infernus, for some reason. Then we see Gavin in his Midnight Tiger outfit jumping across rooftops late at night. It’s been a few weeks since the previous issue, and he’s really getting into this superhero gig, experimenting with his new abilities, especially his agility and heightened senses. He tracks a couple of armed gangstas and stops them from robbing an innocent family, although he takes a gunshot to the shoulder in the process, but knows that his new healing factor should take care of it.

Another good issue. Even though it was mostly action-oriented, there’s still some bits of characterization, as even after taking on armed thugs Gavin’s most pressing issue is getting home in time to finish his homework. Plus there’s the mystery behind Infernus and his return, and what the authorities are hiding about him. Also there’s a mention of another mysterious character that Gavin keeps hearing about. So the seeds for future stories are planted. Once again I’ll single out Ray-Anthony Height’s artwork for praise, I’m really digging his style, which fits this title perfectly. Also, again, I’ll say for those of you not used to reading comics specifically formatted for digital tablets it might take some getting used to, but I find it very easy to read. It’s credited as 101 pages, but that’s because of the format, I think they’re counting each panel as page. All together it’s probably a standard 22-page comic, although I haven’t tried counting. But it’s an enjoyable read and, at only 99 CENTS, quite a steal! Get it!



  1. […] Okay, first off, something is wrong here. This is a digital series, as far as I know. I don’t know if it’s also available in print, but I just get it via Comixology. The first issue, #0, came out on Comixology June 4th, then #1 came out on June 25th. I didn’t find out about it until a month later when I bought both issues and reviewed them each HERE and HERE. […]


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