New Money #1

Created by Phillip Buchanon
Written by Hannibal Tabu
Drawn by N. Steven Harris
Colored by Alejandro Sanchez
Published by Canon Comics

When I bought The Supernals Experiment #1 last night, I noticed the publisher, Canon Comics, had one other title available on Comixology. And since I mostly enjoyed Supernals and it was also only .99 cents, I went ahead about this too. Also, y’all know that I’m not into sports, so I had no idea until after I read the first comic and posted about it on Twitter that the creator of this and Supernals, Phillip Buchanon, is actually a famous football player. I guess now he’s breaking to comics, on the publishing side. And this title is perfect coming from someone who’s lived that life.

New Money is about 4 famous young from different walks of life. Featherweight boxing champion Kameron Kash, NFL player Broderick McFadden, soccer star Mike Lion, and pop singer Marley White. We learn that they all met a year earlier backstage at some awards show and have been friends ever since. They share the same agent, Al DeFazio, who is setting up a deal for them to co-star in a reality show call First World Problems, showing them dealing with their newfound fame and fortune. The show is going into production even though they don’t have TV network deal yet, but DeFazio is convinced that once they start shooting they’ll get plenty of offers, and that this will make the guys even bigger stars than they are now. But then during a party at the hottest nightclub in L.A. to promote the show, scandal erupts when it’s revealed that a videotape of Kash at an illegal dog-fight has been released to the public. Now animal-rights activists are protesting him. Kash is worried that his career could be in jeopardy, and this may even bring the other guys down for associating with him.

Will the other guys stand by their friend? Can DeFezio make this scandal go away? Read the book to find out!

A very good first issue. Hannibal Tabu (whom I know from his articles on does a great job of establishing the personalities of the 4 lead characters, and the way they interact with each other. Little tidbits about their personal lives are dropped, which could be expanded upon in future stories, including the reveal of what exactly happened at that awards show that brought the 4 guys together. The most interesting character may actually be their agent, DeFazio who proves to extremely shrewd when it comes to marketing. And artist N. Steven Harris (whom I know from the 6th issue of Watson And Holmes) does a great job with the art. This is a good book, worth checking out.

New Money #1


  1. A cool take on 4 sports/entertainment celebrity characters and their agent making it to the big times. A good combination of humor and drama. I’m looking foward to more New Money.


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