WRITER: Geoffrey Thorne
ARTIST: Jason Johnson
COLORIST: Sai Studios
LETTERER: Erika Terriquez
EDITOR: Shannon Eric Denton
PUBLISHER: Lion Forge Comics

Previously: Knight Rider #7

Well, this is it, the penultimate (I hope that’s the right word) issues the opening arc of this new Knight Rider series. This has not been an easy series to review, because so much of this series revolves around information. It’s definitely got it’s fair share of action, but this is an intelligent story, that you really need to read for yourself. I’m always stuck with the problem of how much to reveal without just spoiling the story for new readers. This issue is no exception.

But I can say that most questions about the takeover of F.L.A.G. are answered, the Bishop returns, there’s a shootout and someone dies. K.I.T.T. is once again reactivated and helps save the day. In the end K.I.T.T. is now partnered with Michael, with a new status quo of them apparently striking out on their own, with Michael determined to protect K.I.T.T., help “him” learn and not ever let him be used as a weapon.

This was a good origin story for the new Knight Rider. I was not a huge fan of the original series, but as I read this comic I can see it as a TV show, and I would be watching it every week. I believe that would appeal equally to old and new fans of the series. The duo of Michael and K.I.T.T. is a perfect team to showcase writer Geoffrey Thorne’s knack for realistic-sounding dialog. And manages to add enough action scenes which his creative partner, artist Jason Johnson illustrates beautifully. Also kudos go to the coloring team of Sai Studios. I think Lion Forge Comics has a winner on their hands with this title.


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