Seriously, I don’t. I just don’t get. It seems like ever since this kid started making music and became a success, I see tons of people trashing him. And by “people,” I specifically mean grown people. Adults. (Mostly) Men and (sometimes) women who are over 30. “His music sucks!” “He’s garbage!” Etc. And I’m just like, why do you people even care?!? You’re not his target demographic for his music anyway, he appeals to kids, let them have their fun. Maybe his music will mature as he gets older and he’ll adapt to an adult audience like Justin Timberlake and other teen idols have, or maybe he’ll fade away & be forgotten in a few years, like even more teen idols have. Either way, why care so much? I sure as heck don’t. But I see friends of mine on Facebook or on message boards posting statuss about how horrible he is.

Gun to my head, I honestly can’t name even one Justin Bieber song. I don’t seek out or listen to his music. I’m sure if you played some of his songs for me right now, I’d probably recognize some of them just from hearing them playing in other people cars on their radios or whatever. I rarely watch the big music awards shows, but I’m sure I’ve seen a few where he’s performed, but I just didn’t pay much attention.

And it just gets worse as he’s had his various run-ins with the law lately. I don’t even know all the details because, again, I DON’T REALLY CARE, but of course I can’t help but pick up things that get reported on the internet and TV. Marijuana possession, underage drinking, speeding. Okay, so I guess he’s screwing up in his personal life and behavior. He’s certainly not the first and only celebrity to act a fool in public and get in trouble with the law. Heck, he’s still got a long way to go before catching up with someone like Charlie Sheen. But every time something is reported I see people on the internet acting enraged. Cursing at him and calling him names. Denouncing him as “entitled little s***”, an “obnoxious douchbag”, a “stain on humanity” (that was my personal favorite, in terms of overreaction). Again, this is from adults who act like he personally broke into their homes and pissed in the cornflakes or something.

I mean, this is beyond the type of criticism I see many celebrities get, it feels personal. People LOATH him. Last when he posted a picture and implied that he was cast as Robin in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, my Facebook news feed exploded with angry posts. The controversy over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman was nothing compared to this outrage. I immediately knew it was false, he’s never acted before, the studio wouldn’t cast him for such a major role no matter how famous he is, but the comic-book fans on my friend list went nuts. Folks where declaring that IF it was true, they would not only boycott that movie, but all Warner Bros. movies and DC Comics. It was so funny, to me.

And now of course the latest controversy, a videotape surfaced earlier today of Bieber when he was 15 telling a racist joke that includes the N-word (& this time, I don’t mean “nerd”).

I watched it. Stupid joke, not even remotely funny. Am I personally offended? No, not really. The main reason is, and I can’t stress this enough, I DON’T GIVE A DARN ABOUT JUSTIN BIEBER. And there’s also the fact that he was teenager, 15, according to TMZ. A teenager saying something incredibly stupid?!? STOP THE PRESSES.

Of course I know that most of you people reading this who are acting outraged were all perfect little angels, who never said or did ANYTHING wrong, throughout your teenage years but I must confess that I was not. Neither were most of my friends. I’m very glad there wasn’t a video camera recording me all the time back then, because I would be caught saying and laughing at many inappropriate things, things that I would never do today, because I’ve grown and learned. So yeah I’ll cut him some slack unless a greater pattern occurs. But the haters were out in force calling him a racist. Well, from what I’ve seen, he does seems to associate with an awful lot of Black people, personally and professionally, so I’m not quite willing to lump him in with Mel Gibson just yet. Eminem also got exposed several years ago for a racist rap song he recorded when he was 16, but he apologized and everyone forgot about it, because his actions (which includes making a lot of Black rappers rich), don’t appear to suggest that he’s actually a racist. Well, Bieber has apologized too, but of course that’s not good enough for most of his haters, who just insist that he doesn’t mean and the apology was written by a publicist or something.

It just all seems out of proportion to me. I know some of the grown folks criticize him because they have kids who like him, and they say he’s a bad role model. Fair enough, I can see that. But then I say that’s on you to do your job as parents, and talk to your kids about it. Explain to them why his various behaviors or wrong, and that’s it’s one thing for them to enjoy his music, but that doesn’t mean they should emulate or excuse his behavior. But the personal hate? That needs to fall back.

Just my opinion.

P.S. Oh yea, and lay off Miley Cyrus too.

What do YOU think?

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