Dr. Angela Graham-West is the wife of Col. Allen West, the former Congressperson from Florida who is probably the most politically conservative Black man in America. Seriously, he makes Justice Clarence Thomas look like Reverend Jesse Jackson. And apparently his wife shares his political views, as her Facebook page labels her “a leader for the Conservative message. She believes in personal responsibility, individual liberty, traditional American values.”

Now, I’m not the type to trash all Black Republicans and conservatives. I used to be a registered Republican myself (I’m now registered independent), and still hold several views which some folks would consider “conservative. I admire several Black Republicans like General Colin Powell, Michael Steele, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, and JC Watts. I also can’t help but admire the life-stories of Justice Thomas and Dr. Ben Carson, even if they’re both a bit farther to the right than I’d prefer.

Anyway, I was looking at Dr. Graham-West’s FB page, and I saw a defense of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s remarks that many deemed racist. But in doing so, she gave a personal example from her own life that made me do a double-take:

When I lived in New York I worked at Clairol during the day in the marketing department of the professional products division. I had a great time and LOVED to go to work, but there was one problem…….. I only made $38K per year. A real pittance in New York…. so I had to find another way to make money. I started an “apartment matching” business. In other words, I matched people with available apartments for rent. For that they paid me, in cash, 16% of the year’s rent prior to getting a lease and keys. I soon made several times my yearly salary, still kept my job and loved it even more because I never suffered from the “short money” syndrome again. AND I met people….

My partner was a Chinese woman who owned the real estate franchise of ReMax and basically she told me “this is business and we are the color of green”…… most of the people you meet will “let down their hair” and reveal to you all types of “pettyfoggery” …. actually that was not the word she used but I want to keep it clean. And I found out quickly that the most liberal, ethereal, earth-shoe wearing, animal kissing, vegan, “people loving” liberal landlords wanted me to make sure that I did not bring them “God forbid”: Blacks (they never pay on time), Puerto Ricans (they don’t pay on time and are too loud); Indians (they pay on time but cook smelly foods), “mixed couples (too much trouble). AND because I have a tendency to never let anyone know what I am thinking…… they let their collective hair down, I stoically stared at them and I got plenty of clients. Everyday as I got into my apartment, there were at least 12 – 20 requests….. on the answering machine. There were “code-words” ….. “I only want Americans”; “Angela, I love you BUT you are different”….etc… Italians wanted Italians – no Blacks or Spanish; Jewish were stratified by orthodoxy or non-religious as well as original geography; Not all Spanish are the same…. those from Europe are different from the Puerto Ricans or the Dominicans; Jamaicans don’t want African Americans…..; Jamaicans don’t want Haitians; Jamaicans don’t like anyone; Africans don’t like anyone but other Africans and so forth. You get the picture…. I complied and made a six figure living.

People have biases. PERIOD.

Read the rest, if you so desire, HERE.

Did you catch the relevant part? Read it again if you need to. This woman admits that she engaged in housing discrimination based on race. She was instructed to use racial profiling against People of Color in selecting clients, and she did it. Happily. Without guilt or remorse. She said her own bosses flat-out told her that they looked at her differently than “those people”, other Blacks, and SHE WAS FINE WITH THAT! She kept her mouth shut and collected her six-figure salary, which apparently justifies everything, in her eyes.

It would be one thing if she was struggling financially, broke and desperate to survive or something. And so she went along with it because she had no other options at the time, and regrets that she felt compelled to go along with her racist bosses. But, no, she was already doing fine, she just wanted even more money. I’m sorry but, dang, that is effed up.

And, frankly, it confirms the suspected motivations of these Blacks who purposely align themselves with the EXTREME Far-Right movement. I look at Col. West’s FB page occasionally, and it seems like all he ever does is trash other Black people. He makes “jokes” about President Obama being a Muslim, practically flat out calls him a terrorist. He’s always talking about Black criminals, posting links to news stories about Blacks attacking Whites (but NEVER the other way around), and his fans make derogatory comments about Black people, but then they’ll specify that HE is different, and say that they want him to run for President (now THAT’S a joke!). And I guess he’s fine with all that, going along with racism, as long they support him, and assure him that they don’t judge him like the rest of “those people.” It’s disgraceful.

Well, I hope Mr. and Mrs. West enjoy their pieces of silver…


      • I literally copied and pasted what she wrote on her public Facebook page. Those are her words exactly, I did not add, delete, or change a single thing.
        This is not “gossip.”
        She admits to going along with her clients requests not to rent to various people based on their race. That is the definition of “racial profiling.” And she expresses no regrets or remorse for doing that. You may be able to look at that and still think of her as a “good person”, but you can’t accuse me of spreading unsubstantiated gossip when I’m simply sharing what she actually said.


  1. Rent your house to some of these groups you list, and then maybe you will understand why owners don’t want them…


    • Where’s the lie, though? Does she not proudly admit to agreeing to her clients demands against renting to people of specific races while making a six-figure salary?


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