Halloween Man: Cry Havoc and let slip the Apes of War!

Halloween Man1
Written by Drew Edwards
Drawn by Sergio Calvet
Edited by Russell Hillman
Published by GlobalComix.com

Drew Edwards is starting off this new ongoing series with a bang. Solar City has been invaded by a race of alien Viking dwarfs who are riding around the backs of apes and going on a rampage. The local superhero team The Sentinels of Justice and the police force are overwhelmed, which leads the police chief to call in Halloween Man. Because this is weird. And handling weird stuff is what Solomon does best. Leaping on top of his winged horse, with his trusty shovel in his hand and with Ron The Man-Goat by his side, Solomon charges into the fray and ends up in a one-on-one fight with the Dwarf King himself. The king, Alberich, is a mighty warrior who lands several devastating blows on Solomon, but thanks to his zombified nature, Solomon can survive quite a bit, even having his guts ripped out. But each time he gets back up that just makes Alberich want to kill him even more. Meanwhile it turns out that Morlack, the mysterious magic dude who turned Solomon into a zombie in the first place, appears to know more about these alien dwarfs than he originally lets on. This story ends in a battle of honor where if Solomon wins, Solar City is safe, but if he loses, Alberich gets to burn it and everyone in it to the ground…

It’s an exciting action-packed story, told in three chapters, with plenty of gags and witty dialog that is funny without going overboard. And Sergio Calvert’s animated art style continues to impress.

There’s also an extra short story, by the same creative team, which recounts Solomon and Lucy’s first public date after Solomon was transformed into a zombie, and we see how they had to deal with the taunts and catcalls from strangers. This eventually leads to a conflict with a superhero group calling themselves The Normals, who proclaim to be the upholders of all that’s…well, normal, in a society, and go after the couple for being different (they seem to object to Lucy’s appearance, specifically her tight sexy outfit, as much as they do Solomon’s). But then there’s also more to this team than meets the eye. This story exemplifies what I’ve loved about Halloween Man ever since it was a little webcomic, the way Drew Edwards often gives his stories a deeper meaning than what’s on the surface. When you think you’re just getting another superhero story where the hero has to save a damsel in distress, you’re also getting a story about bullying, prejudice, the pressures of conformity and about relationships and commitment. It’s great stuff.

I’m so glad to see this title finally available in this format. And for only $1.99 you’re getting over 70 pages of story! I highly recommend that you (yes, YOU) check this out!



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