Halloween Man: Eye of the Beholder!

halloween man 2
Written by Drew Edwards
Drawn by Sergio Calvet
Edited by Russell Hillman
Published by Global Comix

Previously: Halloween Man #1

The 2nd issue of the new Halloween Man ongoing series contains three stories. First up is EYE OF THE BEHOLDER (Part 1 of 2) in which Solomon and Lucy are on a date at the beach, where a photo shoot happens to be taking place with three supermodels in skimpy bikinis. Some strange clock-looking bombs are set off in the oceans, splashing on everyone, and it has the effect of making all of the women FAT. The supermodels are all freaking out, but Lucy takes it relatively in stride and goes home to analyze what’s happening and try to find a way to reverse the process. The villain responsible for this is Olympia Moreau, whom we see in flashbacks was an old college rival of Lucy’s, who was always jealous of Lucy’s looks. Olympia, who is a descendent of the infamous Dr. Moreau, and also has a bunch of humanoid animal henchmen working for her, kidnaps the newly plus-size models and prepares for phase two of her insidious plan…to be continued.

In the hands of a lesser writer, a story with this subject matter would be silly and stupid, but Edwards presents this story seriously, and I’m eager to see how it concludes.

Next up is DOUBLE DATE WITH DISASTER. Solomon and Lucy go out on a double date with their friend Ron, who is also the superhero known as Man-Goat (because he can transform into a large half-man/half-goat creature), and his new girlfriend Beatrice. Neither is particularly looking forward to it, due to the fact that Ron is a bit of a sex-crazed chauvinist, but they go along and try to be nice. The date takes a turn for a worse when Ron’s date turns out to be a demonic succubus who wants to enslave Solomon…

And then there’s MY BLOODY VALENTINE, which also involves Ron’s dating history. Ron brings his newest girlfriend Diana to meet Solomon, Lucy, and their friend Niko. It turns out that Lucy knew Diana back in Junior High, and she remembers Diana as a homely-looking plain Jane. But when she shows up with Ron she’s smokin’ hot. Even Lucy gets a little jealous of the way Solomon was checking Diana out, but he swears it wasn’t because of sexual attraction but rather because he got bad vibes from her. And when we see Diana back at her penthouse apartment, we discover that she definitely has a big secret. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say that Ron has bad taste in women.

Another great collection of stories about this fun and unique character. I can honestly say that there’s nothing like Halloween Man on the market today.



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