BROS BEFORE HOS (TV sitcom pilot)

This is an actual pilot (not a parody) for a new TV show.

Are you effing kidding me?!? That’s the best title they could come up with?

And, yes, this show was created by Black people. Benjamin Cory Jones created and wrote it, Anthony Hemingway directed it, and Lena Waithe and Mark Taylor produced it. And I looked them up, none of them are newbies. This isn’t a bunch of kids fresh out of film school desperate to break into the business, they’re all at least 30 and have some professional credits.And none of those Negroes thought that title was a bad idea? This is the image that they want to portray of “us” in the year 2015?!? Lena Waithe uses the name Hillmangrad on Twitter, so she grew up watching A Different World, and now she’s producing a show with “Ho’s” in the title?

N0. Just NO.

Even if the show itself is good (& judging by that little trailer I didn’t really get any impression of it, good or bad), that title is ridiculous. As one of my friends on Facebook said when I wrote about this, this is some straight up 1990’s UPN-level s**t.

Yeah, let’s put Bros Before Hos on in a two-hour block with Homeboys In Space, The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfieffer, and Shasta McNasty.

Y’know, in this era where Shondra Rimes is killin’ it on network TV, and even Tyler Perry is making some good shows on OWN, I would hope that other Black creators would be inspired to step up their game, not cater to the lowest common denominator. Such a shame.

If this show gets picked up by a major network, without at least being forced to change the name (how about just “BROS”?), I’m throwing my TV out the effin’ window.

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