Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #2

Written Eric M. Esquivel
Drawn by Jerry Gaylord
Colored by Gabriel Cassata
Published by Boom! Studios

PREVIOUSLY: Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #1

It’s 6 months since Loki has been banished to Earth. During that time he’s became a famous rock star. He’s got a guy named David as his drummer, and two women, Masumi his bassist, and Kay his guitarist, and together they’re a band called Loki And The Tricksters. The book opens with them holding a major press conference for their adoring fans, where they’re also aggressively questioned by a reporter who doubts Loki’s claims of Godhood. Meanwhile up in the heavens, the other Gods are upset by Loki’s actions on Earth. There’s been a truce brokered centuries earlier between all the different pantheons to not interfere with humanity, and they believe Loki is violating that. Hercules leads a bunch of other Gods to Asgard, accusing Odin of being behind this and thus violating the truth. Odin forced a somewhat reluctant Thor to speak for him and a fight breaks out between Thor and Hercules. The fight is so brutal they’re both knocked from Asgard and fall to Earth, right in middle of the Shrine Auditorium where Loki and his band are performing in front of 6000 people. Loki orders his band to keep playing while the fight goes on, so the audience thinks it’s all just part of the show. After Hercules beats Thor unconscious he then turns his attention towards Loki…to be continued.

Another really fun issue, with Esquivel’s trademark humorous dialog. Loki is written as a playful but earnest figure, who genuinely seems to be interested in inspiring humanity, while Thor and Hercules are a couple of brutes who think with their firsts. And once again I’m impressed with Gaylord’s art-style, which fits the tone of the story perfectly. This is turning out to be a awesome series that shouldn’t be missed.


Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #2

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