Blah Blah Blah


Today has not been the best day. It got off to a bad start from the minute I woke up. While I enjoy watching and reviewing Mistresses every Monday, having to stay up past 11 messes with my sleep schedule. I wish I could just catch the East Coast broadcast at 7pm. So I was tired waking up this morning. I almost hit someone, because I wasn’t paying attention, while driving this morning, and then I got to work and it was extremely busy day. I work in a warehouse, shipping packages. It’s been in the 80’s the past two weeks, and it always feels 5-10 degrees hotter inside than it is outside, so that’s no picnic. Late in the afternoons I’m sweating so much that I can’t even wear my glasses, because they keep sliding off my face.

And we found out about an important shipment that should have shipped yesterday, but didn’t. And that was definitively a good thing for me and my crew (my co-shipper and two order-pullers). This has been an ongoing concern lately, it’s not good for my reputation (I’m supposed to be “The Man” in this department). So the pressure to catch up and keep up is sometimes overwhelming. I had to skip my 2nd break and stay an hour overtime just to get everything out today. So I’m tired, hot and my bones ache. And especially my feet, they’re killin’ me.

And a dude on Reddit called me a FAGGOT in response to my Getting Friendzoned post. Nice.

That’s all, just a little venting. I am ready to put this day behind me. I’ll be sitting her vegging out for the rest of the night.

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