Mistresses S2E09: “Coming Clean”

Yunjin Kim (Karen), Jes Macallan (Joss), Rochelle Aytes (April), Alyssa Milano (Savi)

PREVIOUSLY: “An Affair To Surrender”

Opening up right after last episode’s cliffhanger, Karen is all let me explain, but Anna (Catherine Haena Kim) ain’t hearin’ that and walks out. She comes back later for another session, this time acting all bright and cheerful. She claims that she’s lied about everything she’s ever told Karen. She doesn’t live in Beverly Hills and has never been an escort, she was just making stuff up to have an excuse to talk in their sessions, which Karen was forcing her to attend. Karen then tells that to Jacob (so much for doctor/patient confidentiality…seriously, how the bloody hell does this woman still have a license to practice?). Jacob (Matthew Del Negro) tells her to send Anna to another doctor (good advice), but Karen is determined to “save Anna’s life.” After a couple more sessions, we find out that Anna ran away from her family in Korea when she was 17 with one of her school teachers, who raped her on their wedding night, and she’s had a bad history with men ever since. Unless of course she’s lying again. Either way, it was a real powerful scene from Catherine, she’s a great addition to this show.

Joss is totally checkin’ out Harry’s (Brett Tucker) shirtless pecs when we first see them together. She’s nervous about what she’s feeling, and when she runs into her old college friend Stephanie (Lauren Aboulafia) she thinks she’s found the solution to her problem by trying to set her up with Harry. But the friend comes on way too strong (calling, texting, and trying to follow him on instagram…what nerve!), which turns Harry off. But then later he does go out with her, and Stephanie (who sounds extremely annoying) calls Joss to give her the happy details and, of course, Joss now feels a little bummed out. But then Harry tells Joss that he thought the date was terrible, and doesn’t understand why Joss set him up with her (“she chews with her mouth open”). So Joss tells Harry about Scott’s suspicions about them, and now Harry’s feeling awkward about being around Joss so much.

The Savi/Dom story took a weird turn this week. Dom (Jason Winston George) lets Savi have the last blueberry muffin that someone brought into the office, which leads her to assume that everything is fine with them again, and she books a trip for them to Costa Rica. How did she get so clueless?!? Dom tells her off again about how she hasn’t dealt with any of her feelings since the accident and miscarriage, and after a talk with Joss, Savi decides to go look up her father. As we learned last season when Savi and Joss’ mother showed up, Savi’s parents were married when her mother cheated and got pregnant with Joss by another man. Since then, Savi and her father stay in touch sporadically. Joss drives out to see her father (it’s a 3-hour trip), who is played by John Heard, but it’s a short and uncomfortable conversation for both of them. On the drive home she calls Dom and leaves a message, telling him she loves her…and then she also calls Zack and leaves him a friendly message too. WTF?!?

And where was Dom? He was at a bar having drinks with Toni (Rebeka Montoya). They were celebrating the fact that she just got hired at another law firm. And the celebration ending up back at her apartment (or it might have been his, I’m not sure), and they had hot sweaty sex. Dang, I’m still #TeamDom but I don’t like them having him cheat on Savi (even if she deserves it). And what is Toni up to? Did she even really get a new job, or was it just a scam to get Dom out to drink with her so she could get him into bed? Hmmm….

But the juiciest story was actual April’s. In the beginning she gets a frantic call from Paul (Dondre T. Whitfield). All he’ll say is that he got mixed up with some bad people and might be going to jail soon, and that it might be on the news, which means that April may need to tell Lucy in advance that he’s still alive before she finds out the hard way. She spends the whole rest of the episode freaking out, thinking she’s being followed (even calling Harry over one night, while she’s wielding a baseball bat, because she thinks someone is watching her house) and trying to figure out if she should tell Lucy. In the end Paul calls her again, and says he’s not turning himself in, and I guess he’s going on the run again. So April still doesn’t know what to do. But she’s right about being followed. We see a mysterious man, played by Jason Gray-Stanford, spying on her at her store and at home. And IMDB spoils his identity by saying he’s playing FBI Agent Adam Thomas. So this is clearly tied into whatever’s going on with Paul.

No stand-out music this episode, but still a good solid effort.

MISTRESSES airs Monday Nights @ 10pm on ABC
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