Written by Dann
Drawn by Sergio Calvet, Matthew Weldon, and Dann
Published by Dann Comics

This is a single issue, there are three separate stories in it but they all tie together. First we get a look at the origin of Virtua-Girl, a science-fiction superhero and her ongoing battle against her arch-nemesis Sorceress X. Then we see that Virtua-Girl is the creation of a virtual reality video game company called Jenncorp. The owner Jenn Conley is set to launch the game and is expected to make millions off of it. The night before the launch she tests out the game herself, putting on the VR helmet and becoming Virtual Girl. For the next several pages we see Virtua-Girl in action fighting a giant mechanical spider. But the Jenn realizes the truth which is that she is actually addicted to the game and that if it goes live then millions of people who buy it and play the game could become addicts too. So should cancel the launch of the game which could ruin her company or go ahead with and make millions at the expense of turning her customers into mindless addicts? I don’t want to spoil too much, you’ll have to read it yourself to see Jenn’s decision.

There’s also a final story in the book, which deals with the aftermath, but I can’t say much about that either without spoiling the main story. But trust me, it’s awesome. On the surface it’s a great sci-fi action story, but with the twist ending it feels like something from a classic Twilight Zone episode. Along with some great artwork by Dann, Calvet and Weldon, the only thing keeping me from giving this an A+ is that it’s in black and white, not color, which would have made this look even better. But it’s still extremely enjoyable.



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