I dreamt that I discovered that I had two illegitimate sons, who had each tracked me down and come to see me, in my house (actually most of the dream took place specifically in the room next to my kitchen where I have the washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator). They’re weren’t full-brothers, though, they were from two different women (although no mention was made of the who their mothers were in my dream), but they were both named Raheem(?), and they were both aspiring rappers. I don’t remember if their ages were explicately stated in the dream, but I just “knew” that one was in his 20’s and the other was still a teenager. I’d heard each of their demo tapes and was thinking that the younger one was a better rapper than older one but didn’t want to say that to them, because I didn’t want to make the older one upset.

I was feeling guilty about not being there for them as they grew up, but I also wasn’t sure how to act because, as I’ve stated many times before, I never wanted kids. I kept specifically trying to keep the conversation “light”, because I was afraid to have any serious talk with them about how they were feeling to meet me. So I suggested that I could try to help each of them in their rap careers, pointing out that I once dreamed of being a rapper when I was a teenager although I never made it, but I would do what I could to help them. I said I had a friend who owned a recording studio so I could get them some free studio time (I don’t in real life, this is just in the dream).

But then I was on the phone calling this friend (I don’t remember who it was, but I think I called him Russell) and asked him about using this studio, but he refused because I had done something to him recently, I don’t recall what but I think I turned him down when he asked for some sort of favor. So he hung up on me, and now I was feeling embarrassed thinking that now I’m going to look stupid to my sons because I told them I could get them in the studio but now I can’t.

That’s all I remember before waking up.

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