The F1rst Hero #2

Written by Anthony Ruttgaizer
Drawn by Phillip Sevy
Colors by Fred C. Stresing
Published by Action Lab Entertainment

Previously: The F1rst Hero #1

This story picks up some time after Jake has been discharged from the Marines. He’s back in his hometown in Philadelphia, staying with his parents. He’s been keeping to himself, staying indoors, still afraid of the implications of being an extrahuman, which he hasn’t told anyone off. Then one day he finally goes out for a walk, and happens upon an incident where a teenage boy named Scotty suddenly manifest super-powers, in the form of uncontrollable laser-blasts from his eyes, during a wrestling match he was attending (at the old ECW arena!), destroying the place and causing a panic. The police arrive and start beating him, intending to kill him. Jake can’t stand what he’s seeing, so he grabs a conveniently placed luchador mask to hide his identity and rushes to the boy’s defense, using his own powers to fight off the cops, ending in a standoff…has Jack being heroic or has he just made a huge mistake?

Overall this issue is less action-oriented than the first one, as the majority of the issue switches back and forth between Jake’s attempt to figure out what he’s going to do with his life, and Scotty and his attempts to block out his growing powers, until the final pages when the confrontation happens. A little more background about the Extrahuman Task Force is revealed, via a television interview with a Col. Paul Kirkson, the head of the ETF, although there’s still not hint of the origins of these extrahumans, but we’re told that their numbers are increasing. But once again writer Ruttgaizer does a good job of fleshing out the character of Jake, and helping us understand what he’s feeling via his internal monolog. And while the cover of the issue has Jake and Scotty dressed in superhero costumes it remains to be seen if that’s the direction this miniseries will take. Phillip Levy continues to provide solid artwork for this story. Altogether another good issue, and I remain intrigued as to where this miniseries will lead.

The F1rst Hero #2

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