The F1rst Hero #3

f1rst hero3
Written by Anthony Ruttgaizer
Drawn by Phillip Sevy
Colors by Fred C. Stresing
Published by Action Lab Entertainment

Previously: The F1rst Hero #2

The action really picks up this issue, beginning right where the previous issue left off. The cops have Jake and Scotty surrounded, and then Col. Paul Kirkson shows up, personally leading an Extrahuman Task Force force squad, ready to take them out dead or alive. All hope looks lost when three other local Extrahumans arrive on the scene, using colorful code-names like Basher and Bomb Squad. The leader of this particular group is simply called Alvin, and he’s a big fat Black man speaking in stereotypical Ebonics. The majority of this issue shows the fight between the three Extrahumans and the police and ETF, causing much property damage before they can escape, taking Jake and Scotty with them.

It’s a good issue that expands the world that this comic takes place in. The existence of other Extrahumans who haven’t gone insane shows that Jake is not unique, which sort of changes the premise of the series but I guess we’ll see how Ruttgaizer plays this out. I will say that one downside of this action-packed story is that Jake, our lead character, is pretty much side-lined for most of the story, as the three new Extrahumans gets most of the spotlight. Phillip Levy continues doing a decent job illustrating the story, and I remain eager to see how this miniseries continues.

The F1rst Hero #3


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