reality #1
Written by Tony McDougall
Art by Marco Repiso
Colored by Ashley Green
Published by Lucha Comics

I saw this book on Comixology and got it because the premise sounded mildly interesting and it was only $1.99. We’re quickly introduced to three young women, Jess, Kate, and Marie, who are all in Jess’ bedroom watching a TV show called X-Idol, and obvious riff on American Idol. After the show they find out that Max Powell, the creator and producer of X-Idol, will appearing with three of the top contestants from the show at a local music store. The three girls quickly rush down to the store to see their idols, but there’s already a mob of fans there. Jess gets separated from her friends and decides to sneak into a nearby building, hoping that she can get to the top and therefor will at least have a better view of the record store so she can take some pictures. She manages to sneak into the building, which appears to be empty, and ignores the various Warning/Radiation signs on the walls and stumbles into a room with some big high-tech machine that looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie. She turns it on and is blasted by a bunch of energy which transforms her, making her taller, more muscular, and makes her breasts bigger. Suddenly a security team busts in and in a panic she fights them off and runs away, discovering that she’s super-strong, super-fast, invulnerable and can fly, as well has having heat-vision and super-breath. So now that’s she’s has great power, what does she want? To become famous, or course! So she tracks down Max Powell and asks for his help in making her a celebrity…TO BE CONTINUED

This issue gets a split-grade. First off, there’s the writing. I think Tony McDougall does a great job here, in terms of characterization. Jess and her friends sound and act like typical celebrity-obsessed young Americans. Even when talking to each other and watching TV they’re constantly on their phones, updating their social media profiles, just like most young folks these days. Under these circumstances Jess’ reaction to her super-powers feels totally believable. Normally I’d really be looking forward to the next issue.

But then we get to the artwork. Marco Repiso’s artwork is bad. Really bad. It looks rushed and amateurish. It actually gets worse as the story progresses. His character’s faces start off looking bland, not showing any emotion, and end up looking ugly by the end of the issue. Scratchy lines, dull features. Just not appealing at all.

I’m sorry, but comics are a visual medium. Although I enjoyed the writing, the artwork is just too bad for me to overlook for the sake of the story. Unless Repiso were replaced in issue #2 I don’t plan to continue buying this series.


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