Savage Dragon #201

Written and drawn by Erik Larsen
Published by Image Comics

PREVIOUSLY: Savage Dragon #200

Yes, I was greatly disappointed by a certain development in the previous issue, which colored my ability to enjoy it. But I loved the 7 issues before that, so I wasn’t quite ready to give up on this title yet.

As we learned last issue, Malcolm and Angel managed to take out most of the Vicious Circle goons and rescue Dragon, although he didn’t really need much rescuing. I’m still unclear as to what happened to Dragon as he was sent to prison, but while he’s not as strong as he used to be, we discovered that he’s still pretty strong (he compared himself from going from being The Incredible Hulk to now just being Captain America). However, the learn that while all of this was going on, Dart somehow escaped from prison. And that leads us to this issue.

Well, the main story is Dart’s escape. She seems disoriented at first, and ends up at Bellco Labs, that’s the same company that polluted the water in a poor section of Chicago, turning a bunch of citizens into mutant freaks. Dart has her own infected with a similar problem, randomly turning her into a shark-creature, and she wants the scientists at Bellco to cure her. She causes a big ruckus, Malcolm arrives on the scene, and we get a big mega-brawl, which is one of the things Erik Larsen excels at writing and drawing.

However, there’s still fallout from…that incident. It turns out that, somehow, without Malcolm or Angel noticing, Maxine videotaped their threesome, and she and Malcolm watch it together. Angel is back in Washington with the S.O.S. and she and Daredevil make a commitment to each other, but after they have sex, Angel realizes that she doesn’t feel the same way about him anymore, so she calls Malcolm to ask if she can come move in with him and Maxine. Except after the big fight with Dart, Malcolm is knocked unconscious in a pile of snow for 3 days, and when he gets back to his apartment he finds his ex-girlfriend, who recently broke up with a friend of his, naked in his shower.

I don’t know what the heck is going on with all this, and I’m just not interested. Call me a prude if you want, but all this new-found emphasis on Malcolm’s kinky sex life just doesn’t interest me at all. And since it looks like this is going to be a major plot-line of this series for at least the near future, it’s time for me to bow out (again). This is my last review for this series, I don’t plan to continue buying it after this.


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