Halloween Man #8

Written by Drew Edwards
Edited by Russell Hillman
Published by Sugar Skull Media

PREVIOUSLY: Halloween Man #7

Another batch of stories of our favorite shovel-wielding and his cast of supporting characters. This time creator Drew Edwards writes all the stories, drawn by an assortment of artists.

Drawn by Sergio Calvet
Picking up from the main story of last issue, Solomon, Lucy, Nikodemis, and Man-Goat are in the low-tech town of Nilbog, initially searching from a missing crew of a reality TV show, and finds the town overrun by a new breed of vampires, humanoid Bat-like creatures, led by a head vampire named Vordenburg. This particular vampire has powers for beyond those of your average vampire, but none of the traditional weaknesses, and is now bent on world conquest. Can Solomon and his friends stop him and change the citizens of the town back to normal before it’s too late? Well, that would telling. Besides it ends on another cliffhanger, so there’s one more chapter to go. This was a good story as it really ramped up the “horror” aspect of this title, with lots of action, suspense, and gore.

Drawn by Eliseu Gouveia

This is the story told from the perspective of a regular policeman in Solar City. One night while he’s walking his usual beat, a little girl runs up to him asking for help. She takes him back to a creepy mansion next to a cemetery where an old woman explains the problem. And the next the thing you know the poor cop is in the graveyard fighting zombies and gets caught between Solomon and a returning bad guy from a previous tale. Love this story and, really love Gouveia’s artwork on this.

Drawn by Keith Chan

Lucy is alone in her lab, tinkering with some of her inventions when her home is invaded and she’s taken teleported to a world in another dimension where a woman dressed like the Greek Goddess Venus has assembled a legion of female assassins from multiple worlds to do her bidding. Using her wits Lucy must find a way to stop this crazy woman and get back to her own dimension. A fun little sci-fi story with action and lots of big breasted women (drawn nicely by Keith Chan).

Drawn by Sergio Calvet

This story takes place a few years ago on a Halloween night. A local high-school gym has been enveloped in some kind of force field, trapping all of the students inside as they were having a Halloween dance. The Sentinels of Justice have been able to penetrate it, so they call in Solomon, figuring that this is more his kind of thing. So Solomon brings along Man-Goat and they blast their way inside only to discover that somehow most of the female students have been transformed into variations of characters from old horror movies and TV shows. So the duo faces off against analogs of Morticia Adams, Bride of Frankenstein, the Mummy, and the little possessed girl from the Exorcist, among others. Solomon has to figure out what changed them and how to change them back to normal without hurting them. A decent if rather average little story.

Also included are a couple of retro-reviews of Dracula movies, but Drew Edwards. Altogether this is another solid collection of super-horror tales available for an obscenely low price.


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