Hamster Rage #1

Written and drawn by Brian J. Crowley
Colored by Rochelle Rosenberg and Marc Lewis

Much like Drew Edwards’ Halloween Man (which creator Brian J. Crowley has worked on before), Hamster Rage began it’s life (and continues) as a webcomic. If you thought an undead half-zombie fighting monsters while armed with a big shovel was weird, than you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

This is Roosevelt. He used to be a regular hamster, a childhood pet of a young girl. Eventually the girl believed that Roosevelt died but, somehow, years later, Roosevelt has returned but how he’s “a little over eight feet tall, super strong, invulnerable and has the mind of a hyperactive child. He’s hungry for chaos and cheddar and he’s managing to get both.”

Oh, and that girl who used to own him? Now she’s grown up and is a superhero called Megababe.

The thrust of the comic is watching Roosevelt’s adventures as he innocently tries to navigate through life, usually blissfully unaware of the chaos he leaves in his wake. This first digital issue is titled Roosevelt Vs. Everyone. Beginning sometime soon after Roosevelt’s mysterious return as he walks along the streets of downtown Chicago on sunny day singing songs to himself, eating ice cream, and occasionally flipping over cars. Watch as Roosevelt inadvertently saves the world from an alien invasion and then finds himself mistaken for a monster and attacked by a variety of superheroes, including local super-team The Allied Force, along with special guest-appearance from Halloween Man (along with Lucy Chaplin and Man-Goat) and Tom Stillwell’s THE HONOR BRIGADE.

Crowley writes Roosevelt with a sincere naivety, so you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor guy despite all the violence and destruction around him, as he clearly just wants to be left alone and doesn’t intend hurt anybody. A prime example of Roosevelt’s personality is in an exchange he has with a little girl who confronts him after he destroys her grandmother’s car. The two trade child-like insults back and forth, calling each other a liar and a “stupid face”. And when I talk about violence in this book, rest assured it’s portrayed very cartoon-ish, there’s no blood or gore here, this is suitable for All Ages. And it ends on a cliffhanger, TO BE CONTINUED…

So if you like fun, thrilling comics, do yourself a favor and spend the .99 cents to download a copy of Hamster Rage #1!



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