Written and drawn and inked and lettered by Brian J. Crowley
Colored by Randy Field
Cover drawn by Tony Maldonado


Roosevelt, the fan-favorite 6 foot tall talking hamster is back, in this latest collection of Brian J. Crowley’s “World’s Weirdest Webcomic.” And in this issue he fights a giant talking lobster, who is also a dirty communist.

And if that alone doesn’t peak your interest, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. You need more joy in your life.

So we get about 12 pages of a knock-down battle between these two anthropomorphic antagonists which (SPOILER ALERT?) Roosevelt wins. But then he has to deal with Megababe, who returns to the scene and is unhappy with all of the wreckage Roosevelt caused during his fight with the giant talking lobster communist (I just love that phrase). Thankfully the little old lady from last issue (who turns out to be the grandmother of the loud little Black girl from Hamster Rage #1 is there to stand up for the poor guy. The lady then take takes him to the local job center to help him find a job, which doesn’t go so well after first (because, y’know, he’s a 6 foot hamster with child-like speech patterns), until he suddenly shows a sign of heretofore unknown intelligence.

While Roosevelt settles in with the old lady in her apartment, Megababe and the rest of the Allied Force have to deal with the public fallout from the fight, and decide what exactly they are going to do about Roosevelt. . .TO BE CONTINUED

The book also contains a sweet-looking black and white pin-up of Roosevelt by Daimon Hampton.

Hamster Rage #3 is Another fun, and action-packed, issue, accessible to all-ages which should also be enjoyable to fans and newbies alike. Check it out!


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