I came across this online. I don’t know who wrote it or where it originated from:

And all I can think of to say to that is:

One comment

  1. […] “DUDE?”I forgot I posted it, but recently came across it again and realized how stupid I was being. I could just delete the post, but I want to leave it up, as an example of how I used to think, and I’ll explain why I no believe I was wrong.The thing is, I was that man who called women “dude.” It was usually in writing, like in posts on social media, responding to pictures or comments or such. A woman would say she never tried something that I like and I’d write “Dude, you don’t know what your missing!” Or she’d post something good, like showing off her new car or how she just got promoted and I’d write, “Dude, that’s so awesome!” Stuff like that. It was harmless (in my mind), just a figure of speech and yeah, kinda funny that I’m calling a woman “dude.” This is why, when I saw this idea that word should be dropped, I responded so dismissively. It felt like a PC overreaction. […]


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