Which Button Would You Press and Why?

This is a good question, so let’s go down the list:

Turning invisible doesn’t really have as many practical applications as you’d think it would. Unless I’m specifically planning to become a criminal. Or if I already were a criminal, and needed to hide from the police.

Flying? Same thing. It would be fun. That is a dream of mine to be able to fly, but I’d always have to be careful and hide it when I do.

I think the prevalence of Social Media has shown how unexciting people’s random thoughts are. So never-mind.

I don’t want to be any animal, so no thanks.

Super-speed? Now we’re talking! I would totally buy a Flash costume and use my super-speed to fight crimes and clean up dirty neighborhoods and stuff. I would be a real-life superhero!

Phasing through solid objects? Basically the same idea as turning invisible, only good if I’m determined to become a burglar, or if I’m a fugitive from the law.

I could likewise use this ability to be a real-life superhero. I wouldn’t even necessarily need a costume.  I could make things happen with no one knowing that I’m causing it. Of course, the practicality of this ability depends on its limits. Are we talking, being able to move books with my mind or move cars? Moving a brick, or dismantling a building?

This would be a great power, but the responsibility would be huge. Do I just basically move into a hospital and become a full-time healer? Due I travel to other hospitals across the city, the state, the country, the world? Do I fly out to the aftermath of major disasters in order to heal the survivors? How the heck do I decide who deserves to be healed? Man, the more I think about it, the less I’d want that responsibility on my head.

So I guess I’m going with pushing either the orange button or the grey button.


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