Choose 3 Powers To Make The Ultimate Superhero. . .

In a previous post, I went over the pros and cons of some of these powers. Super speed is a great power for becoming a superhero. That’s really the only ONE power that works. But multiple powers at once? That’s a different story.

If I could only pick one out of this group, I’d probably choose super intelligence. I wouldn’t become a “superhero”, strictly speaking. But I could use my intelligence to become super-rich, and then fund tons of charitable enterprises across the globe, like my imaginary parents Bill and Melinda Gates. That’s more effective in the long than flying around catching criminals like typical comic-book superheroes.

Speaking of which, check this out: If you could have one superpower, what would it be? By Bill and Melinda Gates

But even things like super speed, and other big powers like flight and super strength, risks revealing yourself to the world. I’ve written before about the possible societal impact if a being like SUPERMAN really existed. I’m not sure I want that possible social upheaval on my head.

So, for three actual superpowers, I want invisibility=


-and mind-control!

Thank about how powerful that superhero would be. You could go anywhere, undetected, and just make people do whatever you want. That would be effective in many situation. A riot breaks out somewhere, whether it’s a political protest or celebration of a sports event, I could pop over, make everyone calm down and just go home. Teleport into gang-infested neighborhoods, and make the gang=members throw away their guns and clean up the trash and graffiti. There’s a bank robbery or hostage situation somewhere? I’ll pop over, make the criminals give up peacefully. Heck, I could teleport over to North Korea, and make Kim Jong-Un release all political prisoners, end the nation’s nuclear weapons program, and declare a democracy with free and open elections.

Could even teleport into the White House and make Donald Trump resign. ^_^

Nobody would know I, or anyone, was responsible for these acts, they’d just see good things happening.

Admittedly, I’d be a little uncomfortable with the notion of messing with free will. That is a bit of a slippery slope, a power that could easily be mis-used, even if you’re only using it “for good.” I daresay most dictators start off believing that they’re taking control for the greater good.

Still, a superhero with that power would be “the ultimate.”

What do YOU think?

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