…sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

I just heard this morning that Nicki Minaj and Nas are dating. For some reason this “news” is blowing up all over the various hip-hop websites and radio stations. I’m old and mostly out-of-touch with most modern music these days, and that includes rap. But I don’t see what the big deal is. Some are speculating that this is publicity stunt. But I dunno. They’re celebrities, in the same line of work, this is hardly unusual.

Anyway, the only reason I’m bringing this is because I have something to say about Nicki Minaj. Earlier I was checking a Reddit thread about this, and there was a woman who said that Nas could do better than Nicki and (direct quote): “I feel like he should probably date someone on his skill level.”

Uh, NAS is, without question, one of The Greatest Rappers Of All Time. There are no woman rappers on his skill level! That’s not knock on women rappers in particular, because there are few MALE rappers who are on his skill level, either!

Unless Jay Z or Eminem is planning on getting a sex change anytime soon. . .

But here’s the thing, since I recently admitted my error in judging Gabourey Sidibe’s career, I need to do the same about Nicki. I have in the past been very clear about my dislike of Nicki Minaj’s music. And I still don’t personally care for it. But the fact remains that here we are, almost 2 and half years later, and she’s still around. In fact, she’s bigger than ever. I think it is safe to say that she is, in fact, the real deal. A legitimately talented artist.

Yes, her physical appearance and sex appeal certainly helps her, but she is hardly the first female artist, of any musical genre, to take advantage of that. I can’t blame Nicki for doing what one of my favorite singers of all time, MADONNA, has also done. If being sexy help get you some attention, why not take it?

And, yes, I do think it’s a shame that more-skilled female rappers like Remy Ma, who obliterated Nicki on SHETHER awhile back, don’t have the same success as Nicki does, and that’s likely because she doesn’t have the same type of sex appeal to exploit.

But the point is, if sex appeal was all Nicki had going for her, she wouldn’t still be around now. It’s like I said in my infamous freshly pressed post FEAR OF A WHITE RAPPER, that “gimmicks” only take you so far (and notice how the hype around Iggy Azalea has disappeared since then…)

So, shoot, I’ll give Nicki Minaj her props. I still may not like her music personally, but then again I don’t like Lil’ Wayne’s music, either. Nor do I get the hype about Drake, to be honest. Or…well, fill in the blank of most “hot” rappers today (although I have very recently really gotten into Flo Rida’s music). But I can’t knock her for doing her thing. And I hope she and NAS are happy.

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